May 03, 2018

Not the day we planned

Colin left @ 6:45 AM this morning for his 8:30AM appointment in West Kelowna with Freightliner.  He got there 40 minutes early ( better to go early than get stuck on the only bridge during rush hour ) but they did not take the RV into a bay until 9:45AM.  This was to be a simple 3 – 4 hour appointment for our annual oil change as well as inspection.  Colin has created a long list in which he asks that many small items be checked.  Getting the RV in the bay late affected coffee breaks and lunch time.

Here comes Colin in our RV. Taken from our patio with me still in my nightie.  That is a nursery up above the RV.

While there he got a call from a client who was only 12 miles away who was in town from Calgary and wanted to do a walk through of his development which had won four Gold Tommie awards in January.  Colin created magic and with some photoshop the photos looked great.  In real life the house next door was still under construction and there was debris everywhere.  Each view outside of the windows involved construction but not in the final photos. This company had hired another photographer and basically had to toss all of his photos.  So they wanted Colin back to do more photography of the almost finished project.  Each home sells for 2.5 million but they are so close that you could jump from roof to roof.

There he goes.

Fortunately he was able to get a mechanic from Freightliner to drive him over and then was able to get someone else to drive him back to the RV.  Still it was not ready.  At the very end of the day Colin mentioned the fan noise we hear each time we run either the heater or the A/C.  This fan is an auxiliary fan who’s purpose is to cool the freon.  After an hour of diagnosis ( $$$ ) it appears to be that the thermostat is malfunctioning.  The part is only $20.00 and is on order and likely Colin can install it himself.

These ducks have been hanging around for about 10 days now.

Due to groundwater from last years floods, we are still not parking in our parks storage area as it is still being rebuilt.  The winter was so severe that they could not get the work done then.  Once we get back from Europe our two month alternate storage will be up and we plan to move the RV back to the Holiday Park storage lot where we will take our ICBC insurance off the RV and just coast with our Aviva storage insurance until we leave again the end of September.  Might as well save some money on the insurance.

Not certain if this is a small beaver or a muskrat.

We had all kinds of errands to run together this afternoon but it was not to be.  Colin never did get back until 6:00PM.  A long day for him.  I meanwhile got caught up on the business work and started to check a few things out for our trip.  Eventually I headed out to the bank to pick up the euros I had ordered.  I had to go the grocery store right next door to pick something up for our dinner.  I also mailed a USB to a client along with my first invoice of the year 😕

Our dinner the other night.  Thank you to Croft for this recipe found at

Colin finally got the RV parked not too far away in our alternative storage area and I picked him up in the golf cart.  We had to go water the garden and sure enough it was dry.  Is it okay to let the surface get dry?  The peas still had some dark soil spots over them.  I noticed that a few of my flowers are sprouting.

It was delicious and so easy to put together as you can see at 9PM for a late dinner,

Not the day we had planned but things still got done.  Best of all the RV is ready to head south in the fall.

The soft color of the sun reflected in the south from the sun setting in the west.  Yes still lots of snow still to melt.  We have yet to decide what we are going to do before we head out on the 13th.  Likely put every thing up on the kitchen counters.

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10 Responses to “Not the day we planned”

  1. Upriverdavid says:

    Hey, at least the weather has been extra-swell this week…….

  2. George Yates says:

    At least you got things done and a nice tasty looking omelette .

    • Contessa says:

      We always get things done but I wish there were not so many things to get done. The omelette was from the night before.

  3. Kathy Tycho says:

    Best to keep the soil damp (not soggy) while seeds germinate. Once they set roots they can take a bit of drought. Maybe there’s someone gardening where you are who will water while you’re away

  4. Peter says:

    That’s a nice looking omelette! Too bad the schedule got messed up but at least it’s a job off the list.

    • Contessa says:

      Yes that is off the list and we won’t have to worry about the RV before we leave end of September.

  5. Croft Randle says:

    Expensive fan repair! That site has a lot of great recipes we have tried.

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