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May 19, 2018

We spent day 2 in Pompeii

Because the weather was still cool and showers were still possible we did Pompeii on Wednesday rather than our planned excursion which required very good weather.  There are many ways to see Pompeii, with a tour or a private guide, or hire a guide on site or to rent an audio guide.  We chose to […]


May 18, 2018

Istanbul to Naples

We got to the gate for the assigned boarding time and then sat there for almost twenty minutes before any official person showed up.  She then proceeded to walk among us to check our passport against our face as well as our boarding pass and then to stamp our boarding pass.  There is no way […]


May 16, 2018

Our view of the Turkish Airlines lounge in Istanbul

The lounge was built for its business clients.  However over the last few years anyone who has a gold card for this or an elite card for that can get in.  Which means that all types of people can get  access and that the lounge has become very busy almost 24/7. Click here for the […]


May 15, 2018

We have arrived safe and sound

As it is after midnight and we are exhausted this is just quick update.  I will do a post on the Istanbul airport and lounge soon.  Today we traveled to our first destination on this trip.  We arrived in Naples, Italy to a beyond crazy passport control ( waited in line 2 hours ) and […]


May 14, 2018

Toronto to Istanbul

Which is why we have a 17.5 hour layover here, by choice. Good place to catch up on our jet lag. It is 1:20PM at home and 11:20PM locally, time for some shut eye.  Please forgive any spelling/grammar errors, just doing a quick proof tonight as my eyes are closing.  Colin’s are already closed.   […]


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