Apr 12, 2018

Last day in Vegas and on the road again

This showed up for one night and left Wednesday morning.  I missed getting a shot with the slide out.

It is from Alberta and I can only assume that it pulls a larger 5th wheel.  Lots of chrome.

We finished off some to do’s Wednesday morning.  Colin has been looking for a windshield cover for the Jeep.  He has noticed a few tiny pits/nicks in the glass likely from various small pieces of gravel thrown up as we tow it.  He came up with the idea of finding some material and getting someone to custom make a cover.  Of course he wanted that to happen right now.  He found someone with the material who said that the guy across the road from him could probably sew it up for him right then.  So off went my husband.  He was gone for over three hours.  I got caught up on a lot and also got a head start on research for our fall vacation.  Colin took the iPhone so he could call me on our US Magicjack number as I could not call him.

I soon received this photo into my email.  Colin certainly made good use of his time learning how to take a photo and then send it to me.  A  little small but good job.   The material being used is the same that car bras are made from.

It took a long time as they went back and forth to get the perfect fit.  This was a first for them and they had to figure it out step by step.  They are Mexican and we will be using them again for other things next time we are in Las Vegas.  The material was 40.00US and the labor 75.00 but we gave them 95.00.  Great deal for a custom windshield screen.  There is a long piece of velcro along the curve of the door pillar.  There is also one snap on each corner of the lower part of the windshield.

Meanwhile Las Vegas was under a high wind warning.  The RV was already rocking from time to time as the wind picked up.  We began to wonder if we would even be able to leave on Thursday.  We are what they describe as ‘high profile vehicles’.  We decided not to worry about it but we where prepared.

Hey, here we are back in Venice with a bad selfie.  Colin wanted to go back to the Venetian Casino to check it out now that we have seen the real thing.  It really is a good representation of Venice.  Colin read somewhere that it is the largest hotel in the world, 7000 rooms.  Not to mention the free parking that we took advantage of.

Saint Mark’s Square and there were live musicians in tuxedos playing but we did not dance Wednesday evening as we did last June.  We saw many little details  that we now notice, having seen the real thing.  We had a great time wandering about.

We got back to the RV about 11PM more or less and the wind was really blowing.  Time to take the satellite dish down as well as the individual window awnings.  We sleep with the windows open and I had to keep closing them through the night as I was being blown away while in bed.  Talk about wind gusts, they really did get to 75mph.  We took our time and did not leave until about 11:30AM today, as we wanted to be safe.  However we did have strong winds all afternoon.

How did the diesel prices get so high?  Last year we paid 2.849 per gallon as we fueled up just off I15 and HWY 93 North.  The prior year in April of 2016 we paid 2.189.  Today we paid 3.449, cash!  A full 60 cents per gallon more than a year ago.  Actually a year ago exactly, as I just realized today that we are traveling on the same day, April 12th, as we did last year.

So based on my call with the Happy  Camper people we added the double dose of product and 10 gallons of water.  Once at the fuel stop we added two large bags of ice just as we were heading north in Highway 93.

Love how the scenery changes as we head north.

Colin stopped and turned us around to get this shot.  The new windshield screen on the Jeep has been perfect.  Funny how the Jeep looks so small.  This was taken with my point and shoot.

Is that snow up there?

As we headed North I added a sweater and then a blanket.  When we got out of the RV in Ely, Nevada I literately froze. How can one go from being in Vegas and using AC 24/7 to being in 39F temperatures in a mere 255 miles??  The forecast is for -8C/18F tonight with 6cm /2.3 inches of snow.  Hello Mother Nature, this is April 12th.

So first thing we did once we pulled into the RV Park ( we need electricity for heat ) was to pull out the heavy winter clothes from the basement.

So no jacks, no slides but in order to plug in and dump Colin needed to bundle up.  A ski jacket on top of a fleece with hoodie and fleece pants on top of shorts.

First we needed to fill the black tank to the brim ( yup hose in the door and into the toilet leaving the door open…..COLD ) and then we needed to dump in order to follow through with the Happy Camper directions to further cleanse our black tank sensor.  If we had not put so much energy and money into this we would have given up based on the weather but we followed through.

It worked!! Both the black tank and the gray tank are showing empty.  The fresh water is down to 3/4 ( because we have been using it ) and the propane and the battery are full.  Good job!!

It is 9:45PM, yes it takes a long time to write a post.  I still have to proof this before I publish it.  Colin has made the salad, the quinoa is ready and I need to cook the salmon.  We are skipping veggies tonight.  We are cold and tired.  We have two heaters going to keep us warm.  We are 64F inside ( and both wearing fleece layers ) and 33F outside.  We likely will put a heater in the water tank compartment tonight.

Hmmm we are contemplating not having a shower as we are so cold.  Actually I am in deep trouble as I forgot to turn on the hot water heater 😳

This is when we really each need one of the girls to cuddle and keep us  warm 😐

We really are on the road again>  Who knows what tomorrow will bring.  Please……no snow.








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7 Responses to “Last day in Vegas and on the road again”

  1. Dee Tillotson says:

    Hope Colin slows down the Class A on the snowy and slippery roads; your 40-footer is one big ice skate on roads like that.

    We were at the Venetian for a week in 2014 for our 50th wedding anniversary (gift from our son, Todd) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great room service with full breakfasts every morning, but we walked ourselves to death to get to the lobby to catch a cab. Most of our activities were in the evenings as during the day, the sun was relentless. Loved the Venetian Casino and won a few bucks and the filtration system for cigarette smoke was operating well. Saw the play “Jersey Boys,” and it was our kind of retro music. Did a lot of window shopping at the Venetian because items could be described as a little outrageous in price. Besides, most clothing items like jeans were in the single-digits size-wise, like a size 2. Ha!

    Ya’ll stay safe and stay warm!

  2. George Yates says:

    Oh the joys of heading north from the wonders warm sunny weather. Nice that you got things all worked out and the tank sensors working again.
    Travel safe and keep warm.

  3. Deb says:

    Colin looks like he’s ready for just about any weather now. This is our first year to travel to the southwest and I will say the wind has been interesting.

    Stay warm. Continued safe travels.

  4. Sandie Dixon says:

    I know you guys don’t have a choice but it really is nice to not head north for another month. The winds hit us yesterday and we spent last night just a rockin’. Breezy today is what they are saying. Hopefully that means we don’t have to tie anything else down. Be safe.

  5. I hope you don’t freeze! Maybe make something hot before bed (hot toddy?) next time.

  6. Excellent shot of the motorhome!

  7. Dolores T says:

    Ho!! Colin looks ready for anything!!!
    Safe travels!

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