Apr 09, 2018

Happy Campers

I was a happy camper Sunday morning when we left Lake Havsau.  Our RV is pretty much windows on all three sides except for the back area and the site that we had surrounded us with direct sunshine all day long and it was just too hot.

We spent the first part of the morning working on our black tank.  Remember my post about what product you all used.  Well we decided to go with Happy Camper.  So the first step was to drain the tank and then to flush which can no longer do.  So we filled the bottom of the tank ( with a hose from inside the RV ) directly into the toilet.  Then we drained it.  Then we added the full container of the Extreme Happy Camper Tank Cleanser mixed with hot water as per the instructions.   Colin then figured out how many gallons he could fill a pail with in 30 seconds and then did the math.  I can say that we pretty much then filled the black tank to 50% with fresh water again from inside the RV as per the instructions.

We left Lake Havasu at 10:05AM and pulled into the Las Vegas RV Resort at 1:15PM.  We were set up in our site by 1:40PM.  All of our parcels had arrived except for one, but the inverter was one of them 😀

Saw this Class A towing a truck that had this ATV that just fit.  They even manged to wedge the bike on top of that.

Adios Lake Havasu.

Trailers for sale ( or rent ) as the song goes.

Some road construction on the way to Vegas.  Single lanes on the east side as the west side on the other side of the divider is being resurfaced.

Truck pulling a huge toy hauler 5th wheel towing a boat!

New roads almost complete coming into Las Vegas.  Love the art.

Happy to be in Vegas where it is not quite so warm and there is a cooler breeze even though it was still 85F.

First thing we did was dump the black and as we could not flush we did it from inside the RV. We actually filled the tank as full as it would go and then let it all out.

Well from usually showing 3/4 to full we were down to a 1/3 indication on the tank monitor.  Best of all it has stayed there as we have been using it.  We are happy about that.

Heat taped pipes in Vegas.  I know it was cold over the winter but this is a first for me.

Just a hint of sunset reflection.

We quite like this park despite its many rules.  Partly because it is adult only and the $29.00 special per night special price works for me.  We had a quiet rest of the day, sorting our many parcels, had a good dinner and relaxed with an hour of TV which we have not done for over a week.  Twas a good day for a pair of happy campers 🙄






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10 Responses to “Happy Campers”

  1. Caroline in seattle/las vegas says:

    If you need to do a booze or wine run while you’re here, Total Wine & More has great prices.
    It’s in Henderson on Stephanie St, about 2 blocks from Sunset Station.

  2. Kay says:

    Always using a water softener between the water source, and your RV is an excellent start to not having tank issues…. always adding 1 cup liquid Calgon to about 7 to 10 gallons of fresh water after each dump will keep your black tank from forming Struvite. Which comes from hard water, urine and chemical use. When sensors working incorrectly, its a sign of dirty tank and the same goes for smells. Never have tank problem when tanks are maintained and cared for as “Holding Tanks” rather than Septic Tanks! Holding tanks should NOT have solids broken down where Septic tanks should!!!! Just some tips from a blog reader who happens to be a professional tank technician….

    • contessa says:

      You will be happy to know that we always use a water softener. We did have our tanks professionaly cleaned a few years ago. I think that a lot of our problem is being in such a hot climate while stationary. Love your tips, thanks for sharing.

  3. George Yates says:

    Nice that you are having luck with your tank, ours it treating us wonderfully all these years.

  4. That is an excellent comment from “Kay” and I will keep that in mind. Struvite is not only a problem with RVs but also boats and we had at one time replace the hose leading to the tank in our boat, because it had totally solidified. Good that you are on top of this problem and have figured out to fix it. Your problem may have helped us and others to avoid it, so thank you for sharing and posting about it.
    Hope all of your other RV issues will be fixed quickly.

  5. Kathy Tycho says:

    I’ve been following your journey out of Mexico including all your blips like stuck valves etc. You always seem to get thru whatever the RV lifestyle throws at you! Good luck with your repairs in Vegas.

    • contessa says:

      Thank you. Today I did say to Colin that perhaps we should throw in the towel as it was getting rather expensive. He patiently pointed out how much it would cost us to fly somewhere and say as long as we do. We are far further ahead to just keep fixing things.

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