Apr 08, 2018

A full day in Lake Havasu

We started the day bright and early with the rock chip repair to the windshield.  Matt did a great job, well worth the $50.00 cash we paid him.  The chip is no longer bothering Colin as he drives.

Next was to make a full crockpot of Thai curry fish chowder.  It took both of us a good 35 minutes to chop all the fresh veggies.  I also had found some fresh never frozen white fish that I would add to the pot about an hour before dinner.  Once the crockpot was working we hopped in the car and headed off to do some errands.  First on the list was  shopping at JC Penny for some new clothes, focusing on some items for Europe.  Colin wasn’t going to get anything but he is the one who ended up with two pair of lovely trousers regularly priced at $70.00 US each for only $30.00 each.  They are even the perfect length and he got three shirts for almost 1/3 of the regular price so he is good to go.  I on the other hand walked around for over an hour and filled my push cart ( should have taken a photo ) to the brim.  It took just over 30 minutes to try everything on and I only walked away with four pieces.  However I have a lovely day to evening black and white dress and a wonderful maxi skirt with black lace blouse which will serve me well in Europe for special evenings as well as Mexico ( New Years Eve ) and in Kelowna ( opera in August ).  Those three pieces came to $76.00USD.  We then went next door to Walmart to pick up a few food items as well as stock up on some binders, page holders, pens and cards to send to Colin’s Mom.

Saw this on the way back to the RV.  A real plane/car with a Volkswagen engine.

Love the propeller.

Back at the RV, some wonderful odors were coming from the crockpot. I began to put things away while Colin dumped and started to flush the black tank. After a few moments I heard rushing water behind me. I screamed for Colin to stop as the floor was covered with water and more was flowing. Needless to say there was not time for photos. I was scrambling to find towels to absorb all the water on the floor. Grrr 😥

The water was coming from under the oven. This happened once before, about 14 years ago in Acapulco and we had to have the entire stove unit removed to reach a stuck valve.  It has worked well all these years.  Here we are drying out the area under the oven as it is sopping wet.  Fortunately we were in a location with 1% humidity.  Things did dry out quickly.  Water was also running behind the toilet and under the fridge.  We think that everything has dried out by now.

So at the moment Colin thinks that we will not get this repaired until next November when we go back to the Isla.  He does not trust anyone but Eric to remove our stove unit and fix the pipes behind it.  Basically that means that we can dump our tanks but we can’t flush our tanks.  What a pain that will be.  Fortunately we did a very long flush of both tanks that day we left the Isla.

The view from our site.  It is lovely but we got sun there all day long so had to keep all the blinds and drapes closed.  Plus it was way to hot to sit outside.

That is California across the lake.

The pot of fish chowder was for dinner at Libby’s.  She no longer gets out very much so we were bringing her a home cooked meal complete with plates, cutlery, napkins etc.  We took the dirty dishes home with us and left her with the leftover chowder.  This was taken at her front door just before we went inside.

Colin snuck outside to capture this shot as I was dressing the salad.

Dinner Chez Libby 🙂

The chowder was excellent even if I say so myself.   As well as coconut milk I used Thai curry paste and another bit of other curry.  No recipe, just good food.

This was our adios photo but I realized that I did not know when or if I would see my dear friend again. Her health is more down than up.  It is difficult for her who is a Canadian ( who lives in Edmonton ) to get all the medical care she needs here in Lake Havasu  during the winter ( $$$$$$ as insurance won’t cover pre existing conditions ).  So we hugged and chatted ( another hour longer ) some more.  Colin was ready to fall asleep poor guy.

So I asked her for a memento, something that I would look at and always remember her by.  For my newer readers, Libby and I studied nursing together many many years ago, so we go back a long way.  The teacup and saucer which was she received the year she was born will do nicely.  Yes my eyes are red with tears.

Many hugs later we finally said goodnight.  Both Colin and I are confident that we will be seeing Libby back here next November.  Love you my friend.





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14 Responses to “A full day in Lake Havasu”

  1. George Yates says:

    Love that car/plane would be fun to drive, nice of you to visit with, your chowder looks yummy and a nice visit with Libby is always fun.

  2. You had me in tears. Best wishes to Libby for a full recovery. Lucky for you to find such great buys at JC Penny. Quality garments will bring you years of enjoyment wearing them. Too bad about the stuck valve. Maybe have all of them checked because there might be more corrosion because of the salt environment down in Mexico. Hopefully this is the only issue.

    • contessa says:

      Libby had MS and her kidneys are falling. She has wintered in LHC for many years as it had helped her condition but she is reaching the point where she may need to stay in Canada.

      The problem with the valve is having to take the stove out. A HUGE job.

  3. Don & Kathy says:

    Being with and remembering dear friends always warm our hearts and bring peace to our brains. Here is hoping you and Libby will see each other again, and that tea cup and saucer is a fabulous idea.

  4. So sorry to hear about your water troubles! Nice you were able to see your friend from Edmonton. One of my friends has a holiday house at at Lake Havasu that he shares with his cousin. He really likes that area

  5. Croft Randle says:

    The best curries have no recipe! Yes, you are lucky you are where you are and that water will dry out very quickly! So the rest of the plumbing is OK? Just the tank rinsing mechanism is leaking?

    • contessa says:

      We have two issues, the toilet leak which had stopped ( as has the constant squeal of our cupboards doors – humidity ). Of course I have the entire replacement valve kit here via Amazon but I think we will wait for a bit. The new big issue is the valve behind the stove which is where the new leak is coming from. It could even be cracked pipe fos all we know. Basically it means that we can’t flush but we can live with that until we get back to our RV tech in Mazatlan next November.

  6. Catheline says:

    That currie dish you created looks absolutely scrumptious! Contessa, you are such a true soul, always so kind and giving to others. You are inspiring.


  7. What did the salad end up wearing? Sorry, I just had to say that 🙂

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