Apr 07, 2018

Dry dry heat

Friday brought another 7AM start to the day. Nothing much to see along I10.

We took the Route 72 turn off at exit 45, a bit of a shortcut to Parker, bypassing the big Q and somewhat scenic.  Just at that exit there is a Zip fuel station and their cash diesel was 309.0, the same as we paid at Loves’s in Gila Bend.  Sometimes they have been cheaper.

My taking this photo of a very old building almost cost us a very wrong turn onto route 60 and back to I10. The navigator wears two hats but I just had to take this photo.

First stop in Parker was to fill our propane tank.  We only used 5 gallons since last November, cost us $12.55 @ $2.29 per gallon.  When on the Isla we choose to run our fridge and hot water tank, on electric.  We only pay 12 cents per kw.  Next we moved onto our favourite RV place, Spanky’s, were they only had half of what we were looking for.  Apparently someone had come in earlier and bought all of the light bulbs in stock that we needed.

Next stop was the Walmart in Parker as we needed to stock up on fruits and veggies. It happens every year, sticker shock!  The prices are high and the quality is so poor. We are so fortunate in Canada and Mexico to have the choices that we do. This car is the home to a young couple from Illinois.  She was in the process of making lunch from the back of their vehicle.

The wonderfully scenic drive to Lake Havasu where each turn of the road leads your eye to even more beauty.

Lake Havasu City yesterday, Friday at 1:00PM. Heat finally. But really too much. Such a very dry dry heat, you almost can’t breathe. Not to mention that both of our noses were bleeding from the dryness.

Had to take this photo as we checked into Campbell Cove RV Resort. A unique way to sweep the grit off the road. He was going back and forth on his bike with the broom, meanwhile I was melting in the heat. The cost here with Passport America is $22.00 per night plus tax. We lucked out and got a premier site with a water view. However the site is very tight and we had to park the Jeep elsewhere and the internet is a joke. It does work at the clubhouse for free but that does not work with my desktop. I do have an ATT hot spot device that I pay $50.00US for 5GB’s. That works for me as we travel North, except that when I did my last post in Gila Bend, I used 1.5GB in 2 hours. Something must have been running in the background.

We were fortunate to experience this lovely sunset last evening. So ended our 200 mile drive day, our shortest to date.

A couple we spoke with told us that it was the nicest sunset that they have had since December and that it has been a cool winter.  Normally this park is empty at this time of year but because the weather is so cold in many parts of the US as well as Canada folks are staying put.

We took this photo at 11PM last night just as we were going to bed  So with the AC on it was 42% humidity and 76.2F inside while outside it was 85.6F with only 9% humidity.  We don’t like to sleep in AC so we shut if off and went with 3 fantastic fans and one window fan.  Yes it was hot but I did sleep.  The heat is tiring. We could never live here nor spend a full winter here.



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6 Responses to “Dry dry heat”

  1. George Yates says:

    A nice drive you had and now relaxing a bit, We have never been in Arizona when it is very hot, but do like the dryness for for my lungs, and arthritis.
    Continued safe travels.

  2. Nice sunset. There is always something good no matter where an rver stops. When we were broken down by the highway week before last, the mechanic finished at midnight. We still had a nightcap and watched one of our favorite videos. Rvers seem to know how to make the best of everything. After all, we have our homes with us!

  3. I don’t like that dry heat either, give me some humidity and warmth and I am happy. Perhaps I was meant to be born in a tropical country lol

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