Apr 04, 2018

Finally on the road again

It felt good to be on the road again yesterday but we did not leave the Isla until 12:45PM.

We were only driving 194 miles on this our day one so there was no need to leave early.  Good time to wash all the salt off the RV.

Ismael spent 2.5 hours cleaning all the dirt and dust off the roof of the RV!  It was that dirty after 4.5 months.  We all had to pitch in to get the rest of the RV clean.  I was the one with the active water hose 🙂  It was still foggy out and coolish which is why I had my sweater on.

We finally got the RV turned around and the Jeep hooked up.  Folks came around to day adios.  Don’t you think she looks all nice and shiny?

Looks like the twining of the airport road is almost complete.

A scenic shot during our travels yesterday.

I would have to say that this guy is rather overloaded.  Look at that back tire.  No wonder he is carrying a spare.

So our stop last night was my favorite Pemex ( fuel station ) mostly because it has fast free internet.  It is about 90 minutes short of Los Mochis where pretty much all RVers stop as that is halfway between Mazatlan and San Carlos, the usual final stop before exiting Mexico.  We still arrived too early at 5:20PM as the sun did not set until after 7:15PM but there was a lovely breeze cooling us off.  I did have the best sleep ever last night while in Pemex.  Could be because I was exhausted.

Colin got some quality time in with his guitar.

While I caught up on emails, items being shipped and my blog.  We only put out our bedroom slide when on the road as it is curbside but we keep the living room slide in which is why our living area looks so small.

We had a late dinner complete with a fresh Caesar salad and a few glasses of very nice New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.  A great first day on the road after a very unsettled last day on the Isla.  194 miles under our belt 😀


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12 Responses to “Finally on the road again”

  1. Sally says:

    Colin’s playing must be very relaxing to listen to. I love music.

  2. Nancy & Doug says:

    Contessa – What is the station number of the Pemex?

  3. George Yates says:

    Continued safe travels , always nice to be back on the road again.

  4. Don & Kathy says:

    Wishing you two a very safe and enjoyable trip home. Thank you for all your posts.

  5. Peter says:

    Here’s hoping for a safe and event free journey back to “Lake Country”.

  6. The place still looks cozy with the slides in!

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