Apr 01, 2018

The birthday party

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter.  Things are slowing down here on the Isla.   Today, Easter Sunday had more visitors than Saturday but less than Good Friday.

It appears that we have taken a party pill or something similar.  Our good friend Pierre celebrated his 68th yesterday, March 31st.  We all took a chance and headed into Mazatlan to celebrate.  Due to lesser folks here on Saturday there were no lineups heading back to the mainland.  However all the lanchas were working in full force and they were so very organized and efficient.  We left the RV at 5:30PM and got to the Plazuela Machado by 5:55PM.  Great timing considering we traveled by car, lancha and a pulmonia.

Colin and I had already planed to have an intimate dinner for two at Gaia but then it just seemed logical to celebrate Pierre’s birthday at the same time.  The band is Los Cryps and they are to die for.  The singer is Jim who fills in on occasion and he is excellent.  What a great combination.

Pierre on the left, and his wife Diane, her brother in law Christien and her sister Lise and Colin sand I.

Somehow the evening started with a kiss…

..and progressed from there.  I was so tired from a full day of packing up that I told Colin that I would be too worn out to dance!!   Not true. I even did some jump jive, not in this photo.

In addition to the great conversation and friendship we enjoyed a lot of laughs and dancing.

Surprise birthday flan compete with candle.  At the same moment the band played and sang Happy Birthday.  How fun!

Good friends and tequila!  First time I have ever ever seen Colin drink tequila!!  He doesn’t even drink margaritas.  It was quite the party.

Colin is concentrating on drumming out the beat of the song.  Can you tell how much fun we were having?

Not only did I get all twisted up with Pierre but Colin danced with Lise as well as Diane and I even danced a few tunes with Christien who says that he does not dance.  What a great dancer he was.

We all had a fabulous evening.  Happy Birthday Pierre.  Feliz Cumpleanos.  How many people do you know who get sung Happy Birthday in English, French and Spanish?




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4 Responses to “The birthday party”

  1. George Yates says:

    Such Party animals you are , you need to leave the Isla for a rest.

  2. Pierre says:

    Muchas Gracias Amigos for a great birthday party


  3. Peter says:

    Life is short, live it up! Happy birthday to Pierre. Colin needs more tequila.

  4. Jannose says:

    Looks like a great time was had by all! Safe travels home!

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