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Apr 29, 2018

Wow, quite the reaction to my credit card post

For those who haven’t read all the comments go back and have a look.  Instead of doing my planned post for today I am going to respond to the comments. Years and years ago our accountant suggested we get the highest limits possible on our credit cards.  We have three personal cards and one business […]


Apr 27, 2018

Credit cards and fine print

So we are off to Europe for an month in just two weeks.  Do we want to be running to the ATM every day or two?  Not really.  A credit card is the best way to go. However 99.9% of Canadian credit cards charge 2.5% foreign exchange on each transaction.  What, you say?  So very […]


Apr 26, 2018

More errands and some misc photos

I got my left leg injected today and it was not quite as painful as yesterday’s injections.  So now I wear my heavy thick compression stockings for a week.  Yuck 😥  Certainly not looking forward to my two sessions starting mid June when we get back from Europe.  It is going to be too hot […]


Apr 25, 2018

Spring is springing

What a long day today turned out to be.  The focus of today followed by many errands was to get my right leg injected for my vein therapy.  Tomorrow will be my left leg.  However instead of three weeks in a row of treatment I will have to wait until mid June to complete the […]


Apr 24, 2018

Today and some Isla RV TV

Quite the busy day again but we got so much accomplished.  We even sold both of our bikes and the bike rack.  I had purchased a new bike two years ago but only used it for 15 minutes.  I am just too frightened of falling and injuring my hips.  So I put it up for […]


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