Mar 20, 2018

Special visitors

My many nights out and some of them very late finally caught up with me.  Just before we went out Sunday night I knew that I was in the very first stages of a cold.  Fortunately I am able to rid my body of a cold very quickly.  I had a rough night but was much better Monday.

So much activity on the beach.  One car got stuck three times!  He obviously was not a good driver. The blue truck was set up for a picnic on the beach but the tractors keep pulling the people movers so close to them over and over.  I guess they did not mind.

So by Monday happy hour I was ready to welcome Alison ( a blog reader ) and Craig.  They had arrived here in RV1 mid afternoon Friday but we were going out to the St. Patrick’s party and we were tired on Saturday and then we went out again Sunday.  We had been chatting back and forth but Monday was our official get together :). They have been traveling Mexico for many years.

They have enjoyed their time here on the Isla.  In the past they have stayed in Mazatlan as they travel through this area.  But that might change.  There was definitely lots of beach activity for them to see over the long weekend.  The Princess ship departure was just another part of the experience.

Then there was the sunset.

Always sad to say adios to special new friends.  Safe travels back to Vancouver Island.


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6 Responses to “Special visitors”

  1. George Yates says:

    Always fun to meet up with blog followers and chat, keep enjoying you fun times there.

  2. Having a front row seat to watch all the activities on the beach makes for interesting viewing. The scenery will never get old. You’ve got a lot of blog followers, but no wonder you write nice posts. Very neat to actually meet them in person.

    • Contessa says:

      Thank you! Always something to watch out front, from fisherman bringing in their nets to a vehicle being stuck in the sand and more. I hope to meet you one day and of course your doxies.

  3. Alison Meredith says:

    It was great to meet you and Colin. Thanks for your help to get us booked at Tres Amigos and thanks for making us so welcome.

    • Contessa says:

      It was our pleasure to meet you, I only wish that we had had more time together. Thank you for your contribution to the puppies.

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