Mar 19, 2018

Seriously it was the last time!

Other than our beach walk yesterday I worked on yet another city for our trip in May.  Colin as well as his guitar playing, polished forty wheel caps for the lug nuts.  It was another busy day on the beach.  About 6:00PM we headed back into Mazatlan for yet another evening out 🙄   We had every intention of staying home until another musical event came up.  However it was a very cool evening with a wind.  Glad I brought my wind breaker as crossing the shipping channel was brutal.

An unplanned event involving Johnny O and Santana ( not the real guy ).  One was leaving town and the other arriving and they overlapped by one day so why not have a jam session?

So we were attending this monumental event at Pedro and Lola.  There was not a spare chair in the house.  They ran out of our first three choices of wine.  Not only that, please note that we are drinking out of brandy snifters!!  They also ran out of wine glasses.  The sea bass was delicious as had been our garlic mushroom appetizer.

Santana and Johnny O.

As you can see there was quite the crowd.  The music was good considering it was a merging of several guys who have never played together before..  But if you are a good musician you can easily adapt and so they did.

So many different things transpired during the evening.  It was great to just be there.  I know that I have put in several videos of late but this one is rather special in that some Aztec Indians come in about halfway through.  Fast forward to the 5 minute mark to get that special action.  Never a boring evening 😎

The lancha ride back to the Isla was even colder.  Strange weather for mid March.

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4 Responses to “Seriously it was the last time!”

  1. George Yates says:

    Another fun day of fun entertainment , too bad it is so cold for you there.

  2. Sally says:

    Johnny O is easy on the eyes.

  3. ann says:

    Wow what perfect timing for you guys. great evening. it is quite cold here in Amado. and will be snowing in california tomorrow. rain here in CA , NV and AZ for a few days end of week – then a warm up. I hope.

  4. A very music filled year this year – but when opportunity knocks you need to take it. Looks like another fun evening!

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