Mar 18, 2018

Fun beach walk and yet another party

Saturday started out bright and early with more RV TV.

This tour bus was really sunk but a tractor eventually got it out.  We saw three of these large buses.  It is a long weekend and people are pouring into the Isla.

We went to the near end of the beach for our walk and noted that the boondocker is still there.  However there is some work going on.  Impossible to tell from this photo, but there is a row of palms being planted along the inside edge of the wall.  Somehow I don’t think that that RVer is paying to have shade put in.  Just above the word GOD you can see a fellow carrying some wood.  He is clearing up the area and placing debris very near the RV.  It will be interesting to see if the RV is still here for Semena Santa.

Lots of people on the beach before noon.

First time we have seen this piece of construction.  No idea what is happening here.  There used to be a private residence on that hill.

This is one of the newer and taller buildings going up. More rental units of course.  The lighthouse is part of a private home.

Fun in the sun. Yesterday was a perfect day on the Isla, the first in a long while.

🙂 Remember when we used to be that young.

You can just see the new white building peeking out.  Turns out that these recently completed apartments are being rented out by Puesta del Sol, the restaurant on the right.

The construction of this building just may make it the tallest on the Isla.  I just can’t imagine carrying my luggage up all those stairs, never mind walking up and down several times per day.

Later in the afternoon we went to Casa Verde to a St. Patrick’s Day party put on by this lovely lady who is indeed Irish.

We were having such a good time catching up with Isla friends that these were the only photos we took.



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4 Responses to “Fun beach walk and yet another party”

  1. George Yates says:

    Just enjoying the nice weather and parties on the beach. Gotta love it.

  2. Nancy Hodgson says:

    The boon docked trailer left just after 7 this am…….but maybe it will be back after dumping?

  3. Peter says:

    Ha! The two of you look awesome. Everyone looks better where they’re Irish!

  4. Linda & Russell says:

    Cute photo of you two leprechauns!

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