Mar 17, 2018

We went out again

We did stay home Thursday which was a needed break.  This pace is a bit too fast for me but we are enjoying everything that we are doing.  It seems that a lot of things are all happening the last two weeks of March.

We met Jenny and Brad who started out as blog readers and who we now call friends, yesterday at El Fish Market.  It was an early dinner as we had a 7PM engagement and they had one for 8PM which turned out to be for Saturday and not Friday!  FYI Suzanne, I had one of those perfect margaritas and then because you could not be there, I had one for you 🙂

It was so great to catch up and hear all their exciting news. They are moving to Mexico.  For some reason they no longer want to live in Minnesota.  There was a bit of an incident with a pulmonia when several police vehicles surrounded it from all directions.  I did see a breathalyzer test being administered.  But then we got back to talking and missed the outcome.

Fabulous sunset.  No green flash though.

Colin and I then went on to see the play reading at El Recreo. ‘Savannah Sipping Society’ was the funniest play I have seen in a long time.  I along with many others in the audience laughed out loud.

I forgot to mention that during our beach walk Thursday we were hailed from someone wading way out in the ocean.  It was Johnny O and Shelley.  Well not half a block from El Recreo we ran into Johnny O and Shelley and our friend Kevin.  We had a lovely chat and then we moved on to the Plazuela Machado.  It was full of energy, movement and music.  It was the last evening of the jazz festival and there was a featured group playing, set up on a main stage.  However there were smaller groups in other corners also playing.  What fun!  We got so caught up in it that we both forgot to take photos.  Of course we ran into other folks to chat with.  We finally got back to the embarcadero about 10:40PM and headed home.  The highlight of our lancha ride, other than all the people we knew on board, was the fish that just happened to jump into the boat.  Poor thing.  One of the young locals caught it and put it back into the water.

So ended yet another full fun day.

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4 Responses to “We went out again”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Gracias, mi amiga. If I can’t be there to enjoy that perfect margarita, there is no one I would rather have drink it for me than you. Glad to hear they haven’t lost the recipe. 😉

  2. Jim and Sandie Dixon says:

    You have way too much energy. But wow the fun times.

  3. George Yates says:

    You are keeping busy and sounds like still having fun.

  4. I miss those properly made margaritas…I only ever have them in Mexico fyi. And the food…time to go back to Mexico I guess

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