Mar 15, 2018

Que pasa

Too bad we always leave before the mangoes are ready.

The paving to Feddie’s has begun.  They are even putting curbs in!

We went into town on Tuesday to check out Sam’s Club.  There really is not much that we would buy there and the white wine selection was dismal so we won’t be getting a membership.  I was surprised to see that the road to the airport is being widened.  We usually take the lancha into Mazatlan so missed this new construction.  It will be two lanes in each direction.  Note the new palms on the left.  Everything is getting spruced up.

As we came home we were met by a herd of horses and a lot of dust.

We have yet another new foal on the Isla.

Nice to see them together.

The puppies made it through the night alright.  Apparently they really enjoyed their canned milk last night.  The middle size pup had to be fed with an eye dropper.

Two of them are eating just fine.  Such different sizes.  They are eating the new puppy kibble I bought yesterday.  I can’t get over how much more certain things cost here in Mexico.

This is the middle dog.  I got to Ann’s in time for the 11AM feeding.  This is the replacement puppy milk that we mixed.   It had a few good laps and then stopped.  It walked around the kibble dish but would not eat it.  Ann finally gave her about 1.5 full eye droppers of milk and that was all she  would take.  She then walked around crying.  I think that she really misses her mom.  I am beginning to suspect that there is something wrong with her eyes.  She does not play with her siblings.  If she is not crying she is sleeping.

The other two had their fill of wet mashed kibble and lapped up some milk.  They did not finish it all as they were full.  It was then play time.  I did buy one tiny ball yesterday, all the other toys were too expensive. Colin donated a pair of socks which they both chewed and tugged at.

While they were playing the middle pup went into the bed area and went to sleep.  I told Ann that she would have to make sure that this one gets milk every 3 -4 hours.  I had also purchased a small bottle with a nipple to feed her with.  Anne tried it with the 3PM feeding and she drank a full bottle.  She also ate 2 pieces of kibble.  It is going to be a very long week.

Busy beach day today, as there was a cruise ship in port.  For the first time in two days we finally got our beach walk done.

I am tired tonight!  We have been out very late the last two nights, more about that in another post.


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6 Responses to “Que pasa”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice that the puppy is starting to eat and things are getting improved in the area.

  2. Contessa I was going to suggest a baby bottle with regular nipple for feeding, but you got that already. The middle one might need more sleep than the others. Pups are not all developing at the same speed but will catch up later on. A shallow dish for milk will be better than a cup. You’d be amazed how much household items will amuse the pups. Try small plastic cups that they can hold in their mouths to play with and maybe a small bottle with cap with a pebble inside to rattle around. Even a large cardboard box with opening on both sides will bring hours of entertainment.
    About the Mangoes, there were tons of Mango trees in the Caribbean islands but none of the fruits in the supermarkets at all. I wanted some but could not buy them. I finally asked a woman if I could have some from her yard and she said to help myself.

  3. More puppies! These are so little though, wonder what happened to the Momma, I sure hope they get a space open at the shelter soon for them. In good hands for now though

    • contessa says:

      The momma is likely owned by a Mexican local who never had her spayed. She got pregnant by a beach dog but they did not want the puppies so they gave them to me. That kind of thing happens a lot here. At least they didn’t kill the pups which often happens.

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