Mar 13, 2018

My solo adventure on the Isla

I don’t think that I have driven alone on the Isla more than a dozen times in nine years.  No reason to as we tend to do things together.  But I wanted to pick Colin up at the embarcadero and our laundry also needed to be collected.

Saturday ended up being the nicest day we have had in a long while. Warm with little wind. The roads are still being torn up re the sewer situation so these wagons are now using the beach to bring groups to the restaurant next door.  In fact the 9 – plex is having a happy hour tomorrow and they had to email directions on which way you could get to their place.  ATV or walk along the beach, impossible to drive.

For some reason there were a lot of wagons last Saturday.

Back and forth. It must have been a special event or perhaps a promotion as they didn’t stay longer than a few hours and then more folks came and went.  There also was a live ( loud ) band that played all afternoon…. nonstop!

Finally it was time for me to leave to pick up the laundry.  The main road was blocked so I had to drive through the baseball field.  Coming out of the baseball field the road to my left was also blocked.

On my right it was also impassable. So I carried on straight ahead.

Got the laundry and headed back to the baseball diamond.  I got halfway across when a fellow started waving his arms for me to go back.  I then saw that the exit/entrance to the baseball field I had used just 15 minutes earlier was now blocked.  Nothing to do but turn around and head to the only other entrance to the colonia that had been blocked earlier.  Apparently it was now open but I had to do a three point turn to get through and and a four point turn to exit.  Phew!

This is the exit I had to maneuver.  The small car width road is on the other side of the dirt and cement piles.  I had planned to park along this building on the right but it was full.  So I took my chances that I would find something closer to the embarcadero and if not that I might be able to run around.  I did find parking and walked back to take this photo.

You can see behind the lady walking along that the baseball diamond was now blocked off.

This is where we used to park at the embarcadero. It was paved several weeks ago.  Sidewalks!

We used to park our cars side by side along here.  Instead there is a wide road of pavement with a sharp drop off to the dirt area.  No place to park a car.  Parking is next to impossible.  Lots of parking for ATV’s though.

This restaurant just behind the ticket area has a paved road that goes nowhere.  I am sure that someone has a plan and hopefully it includes parking.  This empty area between where I am standing and the Osuna restaurant would be a good area to park but it is all blocked off.

I know that I am going into a great deal of detail but these photos are also for the many folks who no longer RV nor live here and would love to know the que pasa of the Isla.

To the left of where I am standing ( also to the left of the ticket booth ) in the previous photo is some construction.  At this point I have no idea what it might be.  A store?

I was shocked to see this fancy turnstile unit where you insert 5 pesos and are admitted to a bano/toilet.  This is just to the left of the ticket booth.  Wow that was a fast install.

Had I not gone to pick up the lavenderia and of course Colin I would have missed all of this.  So many changes.  I do look forward to paved roads ( less dust, dirt and horrifically bumpy roads ) and can only hope for parking at the embarcadero.




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  1. Upriverdavid says:

    Howdy “C” lady..I tried to send you an “E” mail but it didn’t work, so I’ll try here…
    I’m interested in viewing the Revelstoke Choo-choo museum this summer…..If you remember I’m just South of you in Chelan on H/W 97….
    Do you folks have any BLM..NFS type campgrounds up there?..When I googed R.V. parks all I got were the koa..etc type parks I cannot stand……I have solar and a gennie, I have no need to spend $50-etc$ to spend the night 5″ from my neighbor…
    Just thought I would ask a neighbor from my best neighboring country….
    Take Care,
    David Evans….(:+)……….

  2. George Yates says:

    They austere are making many changes, and modernizing the Isla, sure will change the ambiance of that paradise .

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