Mar 12, 2018

He’s back :)

Colin returned late last Saturday afternoon.  That is his lancha coming over from Mazatlan.  I had to guess at the time he was arriving and it worked out perfectly.  When I took this photo I didn’t know if he was on this boat but I thought he was 🙂

He has no idea that I was there. He is the one in the hat at the front on the right.  He had emailed me earlier in the morning, about 9AM telling me that he only got to bed at 5AM!

I walked down to help him with all his bags.  I got to carry the guitar.

I saw this sweet dog laying in a pile of sand as we drove by.  He was sleeping very soundly despite all the noise and traffic around him.

We talked for a bit and then a few friends came over to chat and see how the trip went.  They keep calling  Colin “rock star”!  Funny.

I had quite the adventure going to pick Colin up and discovered just how much of a mess the Isla is.  But that is for another post.

Homecoming sunset.

Colin went to bed about 9:30PM and slept a full eleven hours.  He is back to normal now.


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9 Responses to “He’s back :)”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice that he is back once again , now to enjoy the rest of your time there.

  2. Collins friends have first knowledge of his guitar playing talent and I’m sure they are not wrong with their assessment. The world is now back in order that he is back home so you both can relax and enjoy your stay.

    • contessa says:

      Well, we are still doing research but we are over the 60% mark. Happy to have Colin back where he belongs.

  3. Peter says:

    Wow! Up ’till 5:00, what a party animal! Definitely a rock star! Nice to see you all back together again…

    • contessa says:

      He had no choice as he was traveling with someone else but he does describe it as one of the best nights ever.

  4. Tiring but fun for him. I haven’t seen 5 am for a while except to get up for an early flight. Many years since I have done the midnight to 5 am thing

    • contessa says:

      These late nights are one of the reasons I did not go to Culiacan this year. I could have, as the girls are no longer with us but I chose to stay.

  5. Maxx Trails says:

    Well it sounds like Colin had a good time, but I bet a good night’s sleep was also enjoyed!

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