Mar 11, 2018

Adios Happy Hour

Friday about 5PM there was a happy hour at RV2 for three of the RVers who are heading North.  Two here in RV1 and one in RV2.

I was so busy having a good time chatting with everyone that I only managed one quick photo.  Usually our happy hours end up being dinner and this was no exception.

Very long story about wearing the chicken. It is the award for doing the stupidest thing.  If you get it you can only pass it on when someone else does something really stupid.  In Dave’s case he had to be home in Utah to sign for a delivery of a free bladder for his fishing boat.  So he flew home to sign for the delivery but missed his flight by ten minutes and had to overnight.  It all cost him and extra $500.00 plus for a free item!!  I may not have all the facts exactly correct….it was a very complicated situation.  It just may be that the extra $500.00 was over was he was already paying to fly home!!!

Nice sunset from RV2.  Different perspective.

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6 Responses to “Adios Happy Hour”

  1. George Yates says:

    Another fun day saying see ya laters.

  2. That chicken neckless is hilarious and so is his story. I’ve never heard of that practise before but it sure gets everyone’s attention and he gets to tell why he is wearing it over and over. Would be a good article to put into a travel magazine.

  3. Spring is coming, the snowbirds are heading home. When are you coming back to BC? Still lots of snow on most of the Province (not here except the mountains thankfully)

    • contessa says:

      Yes the snowbirds are spreading their wings. We will be back in Kelowna on April 15th but only for a month and then off we go to Europe.

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