Mar 09, 2018

Changes on the Isla

For some reason I never posted these photos taken on February 10th.  So many events have taken precedence in my posts in the last month.  I am certain that once we do this walk again we will see even more change.  Hard to believe that we only have just over three weeks left here in paradise.

Just at the end of the beach towards Mazatlan and the Playa Sur embarcadero is a very small parking lot.  This RV from Michigan is dry camping there.

What a view!  These folks have been here for months.

The path between the embarcadero and down to the beach.  You can see the trailer mid shot on the extreme left.  They must have made some sort of agreement with someone ?? for banos and showers.  Only people I know who would fit here are Juan and Chris.  Actually Croft I know that you could manage it but would Norma be happy dry camping for months on end?

Our goal on this walk was to check out two new casitas built for two ex Tres Amigso RVers.  They are located on the causeway along the shipping channel.  This is the narrow channel that the cruise ships and freighters enter and exit the port.

What a great view of the shipping channel behind the casitas.

Also a magnificent view of the beach we are on.

Standing in the backyard and looking towards the embarcadero/Isla you can see the amount of new construction happening.  There are also sidewalks and street lighting been added.  Who is paying for that?  None of this was developed a year ago.  Just behind the white tower ( imitation lighthouse ) a tall ( 3 -4 four story ) apartment building is going up and to right just behind Puesta del Sol is another new tall ( 4 – 5 story ) housing project going up.  The Isla is changing.

This is the causeway and the two casitas are being built on this side of the ship and before the water.

Got back from our walk to see a caravan coming into RV2.  Bit of a traffic jam as it was a Sunday of a long weekend.

Wee bit of a traffic jam.  I stepped in and did some traffic directing and that sped things up.  They had been stalled for a very long time.

The usual weekend vehicle stuck in the sand fiasco.  I think I counted ten people pour out of this truck.

After a few hours of digging themselves into a worse situation they did eventually get out when Ernie ( ex RVer living next door to the RV park ) hauled them out with his Jeep.

We call that RV TV and it happens a lot.  Just this morning a gringo female got stuck in the sand ( which for some reason seems deeper than ever ) .  Ernie and a friend popped up and helped push her motorbike onto the hard pack area.  But just before Ernie and friend showed up, a Mexican truck went past and slowed to watch what was happening but never stopped to offer help.  Not two minutes later that truck got stuck.  Took a long time to get unstuck.  As I said RV TV 🙄

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16 Responses to “Changes on the Isla”

  1. Don & Kathy says:

    From your picture about the caravan I see two Airstreams – were there more or whos caravan was it? I gather a commercial company.

  2. George Yates says:

    Always something going on never a dull moment, the changes are bringing more people to the Isla now so peaceful anymore from the looks of it.

    • contessa says:

      Yes move people but there is still lots of peace and quiet. Most folks come mid morning and are gone mid afternoon or sunset at the latest. All week when I have been walking the beach I have been the only one on the beach except one day when there were five others. I suspect that in a few years the effect will start to be felt.

  3. rae says:

    Don’t know if Miranda would have fit size-wise, but considering I spent 9 months of 2013, including 2 on a beach, dry camping, I could have done this! 🙂 Didn’t even bother other people for showers or bathrooms — hauled waste out, hauled water in. Ah, those were the days!

  4. Contessa, as the saying goes, nothing ever stays the same. Sadly little paradises are being overtaken by masses of tourists coming off city-like cruise ships. Oh well, enjoy the place as long as you can. On the other hand, maybe all the improvements are of benefit and things will be more civilized.

    • contessa says:

      The cruise ship people have been coming here for years but are never here more than 4 hours so they are not an issue. The benefit of newbies to the Isla is adding to the local economy which is a big plus to those that live here. We really can’t complain but I do beleive that things will change one day. Meanwhile we continue to enjoy what we have.

  5. SandyM says:

    Amazing, every year, how many get stuck trying to drive in soft sand. RV TV, the best kind!

  6. Peter says:

    “The road” being paved was the first clue. Two years age San Miguel was getting busy, now it’s nearly impossible to drive through town. It is what it is. Great entertainment on the beach, a tow truck operator could make a fair income there.

    • contessa says:

      Well you really had to want to be here to drive those 13kms with all the potholes and overhanging branches. The average drive time was about 2 hours give or take but our longest was 3.5 hours. Once you got here you were not going to leave.

  7. Such a beautiful place but time and “progress” march on. I am shocked how many people insist on driving on the beach there only to get stuck, one in every crowd I guess

    • contessa says:

      Before the road was paved driving the beach was the normal. Even the RVers who had 4 X 4 did it to save time and bumps going into town. Personally we never drove our car off the Isla. Just took the lancha and pulmonias.

  8. Lots of changes. Yep, we could stay there dry camping for months on end! Kinda wish we were there now!

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