Mar 05, 2018

A wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon

We headed out about 11AM to pick up our laundry.  He wasn’t there!  We did get it at the end of the day thank goodness.  I haven’t seen these flags on the navel vessels before.  Not sure the reason why but it was nice to see.

We were meeting friends, Hannelore and Peter at the Plazuela Machado as we were attending a Sunday afternoon concert, one of the Camerata Campbell ‘symphony’ concerts.  This is the seventh year that Maestro Gordon Campbell had been putting on these Sunday afternoon concerts, some more symphonic than others.  We have been fortunate to attend some of the concerts every year since the very first year.  The reason the concerts were scheduled to start at noon is so that men could attend and still get home in time for their Sunday afternoon sports 🙄 Cost of each ticket is 300 pesos/$20.70CAD/$16.00USD  no matter where you sit in the Teatro Angela Peralta, so best to get your tickets early and have a choice of seating.  The program for 2019 has been chosen and it sounds wonderful.  We saw so very many friends yesterday.  Blogger Kathy who writes Kathy and Eric’s Travels were the first people we saw.

Kathy and Eric looking forward to a wonderful few hours of music.   Kathy writes an interesting blog about Mazatlan including reviews on some neat restaurants.  She and Eric also ride their bike around the countryside and post some wonderful photos to places many of us will never get to.

With his back to us is Jim ( musician and singer ) speaking with Hannelore and Peter.

The group is called Rondalla del Sector Educativo and are from Culiacan.  They are all secondary school teachers.  Many also teach music.  One fellow teaches teachers how to teach and another writes the curriculum that is being taught.  Amazingly thirteen of them play classical guitar and one the bass fiddle.  And then they began to sing 🙂  Incredibly amazing.  We were spellbound.  Of the fourteen in the group, six are from the same family.

Colin knew the fellow in the middle, Leoncio Bernal Amador, from his many years of attending the classical guitar festival in Culiacan.  He is the Artistic Director and does all the musical arrangements.

This is just a small snippet of how they sound….

We met our long time friend Bella who was there with a friend as Carl her husband was doing something else yesterday.  We also were greeted by a fellow who’s name escapes me but it think it was Lydia’s husband Craig??  They used to RV here in RV 1 long ago but now own a home in Mazatlan.  And then another lady came up to me and again I could not recall her name  ( she had huge dark sunglasses on ) but I think she lives here on the Isla in the 9 plex.

But one of the highlights of the afternoon was running into Barb and Don who we met nine years ago, our first year on the Isla.  They stopped RVing in Mexico several years ago but are staying for a month in a condo in Mazatlan.  They live in Ontario but even took the time in July of 2014 to drop by and see us in Kelowna.

I can’t make a ‘click on this link’ in a photo caption so here is the link to their visit to us on July 20, 2014.  Barb reminded me that she still reads my blog every single day.  I know that she has been reading since I started blogging.  It was wonderful to see you both.  I also had the opportunity to shake hands with Maestro Campbell and thank him for bringing this talented group to Mazatltan.  He was almost speechless with how overwhelmed he was by the wonderful concert and that says a lot as he is seldom without words.  He mentioned bringing them back for the tenth anniversary of the Camerata 😀   I hope that we will still be here two years from now.  Meanwhile I bought a CD of their music for 100 pesos.

The delightful afternoon continued on as the four of us headed for a late lunch/early dinner at La Bohemia on the Plazuela.  I just had to take this photo of the interior during the daylight.  I wonder if there are photos of what this house looked like back in the day.

We had a good meal but it was not perfect this time.  Two plates had to be sent back to be heated.  But that did not stop the never ending conversation.  We always enjoy getting together with Hannelore and Peter.  We really must try and get together one summer.  They only live about 2.5 hours away from us.  They are also loyal blog readers.  I love when my blog readers become good friends.  Thanks for the chocolates 🙂

As we were waiting for our launcha to take us back to the Isla I took this photo.  I really like all the colors of the life jackets.

Next stop was to pick up our laundry. Yes, he was there. While Colin was inside I took this shot of the dog hopping up and down all around this grilling drum.  He was really trying to get a scrap or two.

So ended a truly wonderful Sunday.



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12 Responses to “A wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon”

  1. George Yates says:

    Looks like a fun day you had, nice to see Barb and Don again we met them when we stayed there 8 years ago a super couple.

  2. I like your outfit and the colours. All the ladies made an effort to look nice for the concert. Can one manage to get around and visit there with little Spanish knowledge? (I mean not like tourists from a cruise ship being herded to a shopping area)

    • contessa says:

      Thank you. May of the RVers don’t speak any Spanish at all, some can even count to ten in Spanish. They all manage to get here and tour around the area with no issues. Most people in Mazatlan itself speak some Spanish.

  3. Another fun day with friends, you seem to be having a really nice winter this year. Love that picture of the dog hopping around the grill, reminds me of Buddy begging at the BBQ when hubby is cooking (he knows better than to beg from Mom, she is so much tougher)

    • contessa says:

      We are having a good winter except for this Europe research. But that will be worth the effort when the time comes. Us dog Mom’s have to be tough 🙂

  4. Peter says:

    Wow! A nice day with friends is always a good thing.

  5. susie says:

    Great to see Barb and Don! Love the music video!

  6. Hannelore says:

    Hi you two,
    It was a pleasure to meet up again. It was a nice way to spend a Sunday.
    I guess Colin is gone and you miss him already. Time will go fast. You probably still have to finalize the big trip to Europe.
    Wishing you a good day,
    Peter & Hannelore.

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