Mar 03, 2018

Today on Isla de la Piedra

For the very first time in nine years the lavenderia was closed at about noonish.  Perhaps the family had an important engagement in Mazatlan.  No worries, we will check back Sunday morning.

On the way back we saw the chicken lady, as she is affectionately called, preparing her chickens.  She only cooks these on Saturday and Sunday.  Everyone says they are delicious.  Of course as we don’t eat meat we have no idea.

Just a wee distance past her is the new sushi place that now also serves wonderful Chinese food. First time I have seen the new sign.  Good advertising.  The restaurant is located next to the Pacifico store which is across from the butcher shop which also happens to be a great overall tienda.

Just past that is a new restaurant on the Isla.  No reviews yet as they just opened.

You never know what you will see on your beach walk.  Horses and a tractor or ??

The weather today was a tad warmer but the wind was still cool although it wasn’t quite as strong.  We had planned on going into town this evening.  We even had a table booked at Gaia so we could dance to our favorite band, but as the sun set we got chilled and decided to just stay home.  We were not looking forward to the lancha ride back and forth.

So we were home to watch the sunset.

The wind kept blowing the palm frond back and forth.

As the sun set the colors changed.

…and so ends another day on the Isla.



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8 Responses to “Today on Isla de la Piedra”

  1. rae says:

    If I was still living on Isla, I would be way more excited about the cocina economica than the sushi — after Patti closed her place, there was nowhere cheap left to grab lunch in the afternoon. Even here in pricier Mérida, I can get a three-course meal for under $40 from a cocina economica in my neighbourhood — not worth cooking!

    • Contessa says:

      Well we don’t get out much but the few times we have been out the place has had no customers but then Mexicans eat later. By then we are eating our own late dinner at home.

  2. Your sunsets are priceless so staying home is quite worth it. Think of all the people that would rather exchange places with you.
    Came across this little clip on FB today and thought you might enjoy it too. May have to copy it into your browser to view it.

  3. I’ve heard about those chickens too, supposed to be fabulous. Do you ever eat at the concina economicas?

    • Contessa says:

      Well there is only the one on the Isla and I don’t know if it is even open at night. Many restaurants close between 5 – 6 pm when all the tourist head back o Mazatlan.

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    Such a beautiful place to spent the winter!

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