Mar 02, 2018

Update on Princesca

Just a little over a week ago I called the shelter to see how Princesca was doing.  I was shocked to find out that she has been adopted.  Not only that but that she was already with her new family 😯   She was not gaining weight and once she was adopted they sent her home with her new family so that she could get back to a normal weight in less stressful conditions.  Once she is healthy they will then have her spayed.  I was only able to find out that she is with people who live here in Mazatlan and is in a house with a yard.  Perhaps Mexicans.  I hope that they will love her as much as we did.  It must have been that special look in her eyes that drew them to her.

I was surprised that they took her away from her pups so soon.  There are four of the six pups left.  One has been adopted and another died in the shelter.  Apparently they came in in the morning and the puppy was dead.  There were no symptoms such as blood or diarrhea.  Just what appeared to be a natural death.  So four are still waiting for adoption.

About four or five days before I found out all of the above I was contacted by someone here on the Isla that there was another ‘Mom to be’ that needed to get to the shelter before she had her puppies.  From what I can piece together Princesca was adopted and her spot become open at the shelter for yet another Isla dog.  This one was black and someone named her Pepper but I also heard that they changed it to to Mama Pi.  Pepper in Spanish is pimienta hence Mama Pi.  I was asked to raise some money so they could get her into the shelter which I did.  She has been checked by a vet and is ready to give birth any day now.

Random photo of Carmeh soaking her sore toe in Epsom salts.  She was such a good girl.  Love those eyes.

Digging for crabs, one of their favorites activities.

Colorful sunset just an hour ago.

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6 Responses to “Update on Princesca”

  1. Sandie Dixon says:

    Thanks for the update. Sure hope Princess has a loving family who will take great care of her. There are always more animals needing help.

  2. Bless your heart for raising the funds to help the new mom to be. Lovely pictures of your doxies. I would frame the one where they are digging in the sand. Such a great memory.

  3. Peter says:

    Glad to read that Princess found a new home. You guys are doing a good thing.

  4. Janet Ashworth says:

    So hard to say no to a dog in need. Thanks so much for being their champion. Might have missed a post this winter about the little girl that went for treatment. Does the family need more help?

  5. Maxx Trails says:

    That picture of Carmeh soaking her toe is so cute! I can’t believe she would sit there and do that.

  6. Well, I am glad someone adopted her, maybe she can start her new life now in a happy household

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