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Mar 22, 2018

Another trip to town and more blog readers

We then went to El Recreo where there was a 90 minute travelogue presentation on Paris, Spain and Lisbon.  It was interesting but we really did not learn anything.  Gosh I wish we had more free time.  We could put together some fabulous presentations from our various trips over the years.  We did one once […]


Mar 21, 2018

My blog reader project

It was nice to see that they are all thriving and doing well.  Unfortunately the shelter was unable to take these three in this week but claim that next Monday is the day that they will have a spot for them.  I have to thank Ann who is a blog reader for taking the pups […]


Mar 20, 2018

Special visitors

My many nights out and some of them very late finally caught up with me.  Just before we went out Sunday night I knew that I was in the very first stages of a cold.  Fortunately I am able to rid my body of a cold very quickly.  I had a rough night but was […]


Mar 19, 2018

Seriously it was the last time!

Other than our beach walk yesterday I worked on yet another city for our trip in May.  Colin as well as his guitar playing, polished forty wheel caps for the lug nuts.  It was another busy day on the beach.  About 6:00PM we headed back into Mazatlan for yet another evening out 🙄   We had […]


Mar 18, 2018

Fun beach walk and yet another party



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