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Feb 23, 2018

Nothing left

Totally done in this evening. The weather remained cool and windy.  Other than our beach walk this morning I spent the entire day at the computer.  Colin literally brought me food and later in the day wine.  I only stopped about 20 minutes ago, it is 7:30PM now.  Time to prepare a gourmet meal featuring […]


Feb 22, 2018

Our A/C died!

It doesn’t matter now as we are freezing today.  We had a low of 69F last night and today it has been cool and very windy.  I had to wear a jacket on our beach walk today 😯  Certainly a first. But about ten days ago the heat went from really nice and warm to […]


Feb 21, 2018

Another full day

Yesterday after our beach walk and a bit of research for our trip in May I headed into Mazatlan to get my hair colored and cut.  I was in the chair for 3 hours and then it was Colin’s turn to get a quick hair cut.  I went in a few hours earlier than Colin […]


Feb 20, 2018

Very special visitors

Yesterday long time blog readers Laura and Alan came to visit us here on the Isla.  Actually Alan has read every blog I have posted over the last ten years.  Colin and I had met Alan’s brother John and wife Pat at least 15 years ago while RVing in Mexico, long before I started writing […]


Feb 19, 2018

Now that was a full day indeed

Looking at all my photos from last Saturday I realize what a busy day it had been. Los Cryps is a rock and roll 50’s/60’s group and they are fabulous!!  You can’t help but want to jump up and dance.  I have posted about them over the years but never done a recording. For those […]


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