Feb 27, 2018

Que Pasa

I forgot to mention in my first post this morning that the power outage was last evening and I did that quick post about that just this morning.  Sorry for the confusion.

My view out the front window yesterday morning ( a cool 63F ) as I sat at my desk and computer.

We had been invited to a party yesterday afternoon from 2PM to dark.  The host was the fellow with his arm up in the air.  First time we had been to his rented home even though we have chatted on the beach almost everyday during the nine years that we have been here.  He generally keeps to himself.

The party was in honor of Carol ( on the left ) and her husband Gary, an American artist.  They had rented a home here on the Isla for seven years but now reside in Maine.  The lady on right was from Quebec and interestingly  enough I literally bumped into her today while in Mazatlan.

That is Gary chatting with Colin.  It was not a large party, about a dozen of us but that allowed for some special conversing time.

The food was amazing, carne asada, shrimp, robalo, baked potatoes and sweet potatoes and a variety of salads.

Meanwhile back at the RV park, staring about 5PM, there was a genuine bonfire and wiener roast, just in front of the RV park.

Once we got back to the RV about 6:30PM we headed down to the beach ( after putting on warmer clothes ) to say hola and had a chat with everyone.  We had not been back in the RV very long when we heard the bang and then we lost power, about 8PM or so.  Apparently the power came back on about 5AM.

Friends Ron and Kathleen were leaving this morning but got quite the surprise when they stepped outside of their RV first thing.  Their patio and carpets were saturated with water.  In fact water was surrounding the three 45′ Class A’s you see in this photo plus a few more to the right of the photo.  The fellow in the middle RV had been filling his water tank when the power went out.  Not sure what he did but we think he forgot to move the valve off of tank fill or ??   So when the power came on early this morning the water pump started to work and kept filling his tank and it overflowed all over the place until he woke up and went outside to discover the flood.  Fortunately the sun came out today and with the help of 3 fans Ron’s mats got almost perfectly dry before they pulled out closer to 10:30AM.  There was no harm done to anyone other than the wet patio mats.

We were not here to say adios to Kathleen and Ron as we were off to find Carol and Gary. Colin wanted a photo with Gary which we had neglected to do last evening.

They are staying here on the Isla at the Stone Island Gardens Hotel.  A photo with me had also been taken but I guess it wasn’t on my camera.

We didn’t stop too long as we were off to Mazatlan to do some food shopping and a few errands.  This Glovis car carrier had been waiting out front of us for close to a week if not longer.  Finally the cars had arrived for them to start loading.  We also got to watch the ship on the left being turned around by two tug boats and parked.  Never a dull crossing on the lancha to Mazatlan.

So yes as you saw in the previous photo there was a cruise ship in port.  Lots of folks just walking about.  This was the first time I have seen this ‘Fun Bus”.  It was so long that is had to back up in order to complete the turn.

Back on the Isla we had to deliver our laundry to the lavenderia in the colonia.  Our plan was to do it on the way into Mazatlan. Well the sewer construction continues and we could not get into the colonia. Both the only road in as well as the alternate road through the baseball diamond were blocked.  So once we were back on the Isla we attempted it again.  We got through and parked at Feddy’s store for a moment next to this mound of dirt.  Suddenly a grader appeared and we had to get out of the way quickly.  Never a dull moment around here.  We did get the laundry dropped off.  Hope we will be able to pick it up 🙂

While Colin went into Feddy’s, I happened to notice how this vine was growing and hanging by its roots along the underside of the cement overhang.  Another example of the force of nature.

We did not have a sunset today, too many low clouds but it was a much warmer day than we have had in over a week.  Progress.  I have to say that we were amazed by how quickly the transformer had been repaired during the night.  So there you have it, yet another busy bunch of hours in paradise 😆




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12 Responses to “Que Pasa”

  1. Alan Brechin says:

    The last time I saw that smile so large you squirted me in the head with your trick camera.

  2. George Yates says:

    Nice that things are all good again and you having too much fun.

  3. Peter says:

    Never a dull moment indeed!

  4. More friends and fun times. Life this year when you return to Canada will be much quieter since you guys are semi-retiring

  5. Peter (from Maine) says:

    What a great photo of Gary and Carol….good friends of ours from Maine but who we first met on Isla! … I will steal that nice photo of them from you if you don’t mind! 😉
    Please tell them you just heard from Peter and Sidney, and that we’re sorry we didn’t get to visit them before we left for Paris. If you and Colin are in Paris, let us know because we are here until May 21 so maybe we could get together! We have a great apartment in Montmatre, but we know how to bop around on the Metro so we could meet you anywhere in the city or nearby! ….be well/Peter

    • contessa says:

      I do remember you and Carol mentioned you while here. They were only here a very few days so I was unable to convey your message. Thank you so much for the offer but we are not going to Paris on this trip. Hope to drive to Maine one day and we will meet you there.

  6. Peter (from Maine) says:

    Well, you’re easy to keep in touch with ?!
    So if you ever head towards Maine……

    You are still my eyes on the Isla. Thanks so much, again!
    There’s been so much change there over the years….

    • contessa says:

      So glad that I can be here for you. The road has truly changed the feel of the Isla. Things keep changing.

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