Feb 24, 2018

They came back….

…..and brought their friends.

Alan and Laura dropped by with their friends early Thursday afternoon. I think that they are seriously interested in visiting the Isla in their RV next winter.

I sure hope so and that their friends come also.  What a great bunch of people 😎 They would make a wonderful addition to the RV park.  Standing on the left is Rod and sitting is Dave and of course that is Alan standing next to him.  Carol is next ( Rod belongs to her ) and then me of course.  Next is Laura and then Brenda who is paired with Dave.  Alan and Laura’s friends also live in BC and they are all good chums.  It was obvious that they have a great connection and have certain rules 😆   It didn’t take more than five minutes for Colin and I to figure out that when everyone has something to say at the same time that one has to put your hand up in the air and that will be respected as the next person to speak.  It worked most of the time 😉

Brenda is a dog lover and literally had this fellow eating out of her hand.  How many people do you know who carry kibble in their purse?  Another hungry beach dog.  He was back at the exact same spot the next morning waiting for her.

What a great bunch of ‘real’ people.

Colin had gone inside to get his special camera.  Poor Alan, he got a face full of squirted water.  Trick camera.

Thanks Ron and Kathleen for coming over to take a group photo.

Then they had to leave…..

Adios amigos, till the next time. Thanks for sending this photo Alan.  Don’t know why it is so small????

Just as they were leaving a truck came past with a horse attached.  I assume that they were training it.  I guess it is the Mexican way.

It was difficult to say goodbye as I felt such a connection to this group.  They were off to El Velero for a drink or two before heading back to their respective hotels in Mazatlan.  They did not come to Mazatlan as a group but all arrived within a few days of each other, yet do their own thing off and on.

Just as they had all arrived the plant truck came and left. I needed two more petunia plants and Colin dashed off in the car to follow the truck and get them.  Gracias mi amore!  Right after they left he replanted my  two ill plant pots.

Sunset this past Thursday.  That is a Princess ship heading out after a cool, as in windy and cold day, in Mazatlan.

FYI, the frozen tuna steaks were very very good.  Not perfect as they were previously frozen.  Once thawed we marinated them in a mix of fresh ground pepper and olive oil for about 45 minutes turning them over every 10 mintues or so.   They were only an inch thick so we cooked them on the BBQ about 1.5 minutes on the first side and then one minute on the second side.  They were a lovely red/pink in the middle.  We did not get these at the mercado but at one of the major food stores (we have only been to two all winter ).  Made by ‘Dolores’.  I believe the the ones from the mercado will be as good if not better.






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11 Responses to “They came back….”

  1. Alan Brechin says:

    I will try and keep this short which is hard. My wife Laura and I finally met Colin and Contessa after many years of following Contessas blog. The reception we got from them was extremly warm and welcoming and we hit it off right away. As the first afternoon progressed the conversation flowed and we were totally at ease with each other as if both couples had known each other for years. So, to Colin and Contessa, we thank you for your hospltality, the graciousness you extended to our friends, and for being caring people.
    Muchas gracias to our new friends.

  2. George Yates says:

    Nice to have new visitors there on the Isla.
    Nothing quite like a tuna Steak grilled to perfection.

  3. Peter says:

    It’s so nice to expand your friends circle successfully. We look forward to warmer weather, when people come out to play, we will hopefully connect with some of our new neighbours here. Tune steak is delicious if grilled properly, sounds like you nailed it.

    • contessa says:

      I do hope that you and some of your new neighbors will click. The tuna steaks were perfect. So nice to be able to buy them here.

  4. Lots of smiles there, nice pictures of your friends

  5. Andrew Barfoot says:

    I hope my retirement will be filled with the likes of this crew! Hi, I am Alan and Laura Brechin’s nephew and they were nice enough to send me a link to this fun to read blog! I especially enjoyed the views and great job people have done with their RV spots making it very warm relaxing spot. Please continue to prank my Uncle I really delight in that. I may try Mexican training on my son for hockey Dryland routine this summer with Al’s truck on Kits beach, could be on the leading edge of advanced techniques. Also You will have to get a picture of Alan with his hand up waiting for his turn if you want anyone in his family to believe he would comply with any such rule, all the best fantastic work with this blog.

    • contessa says:

      Welcome to my blog Andrew. We will do uour best to keep pranking Alan. I will do my best to get a photo of Alan’s hand up in the air. Might be a while as I have no idea when we will meet again but he really did do it a few times 🙂

  6. Carol Connor says:

    Rod and I want to thank you both for the warm reception and lovely visit. You have perfected RV living on the Isla. Good to hear the answers to so many questions we had. Hopefully, we will spend more glorious afternoons together.

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