Feb 12, 2018

Princess update

Or Princesa as she is called in Spanish.  I found out that someone I only know as a quick hello on the beach has been volunteering at the same animal shelter that my girl is at.  I asked her for a few photos.

Apparently they are quite concerned about how thin she still is.  She looks as thin to me as when Colin brought her in.

So they have separated her from her puppies and have them eating puppy kibble and her on a special kibble to help her gain weight.

She remains the quiet docile lovely lady that I knew.  However the puppies are constantly crying for her so they let them get together for short periods of time at least once per day.  Someone mentioned to someone else who mentioned it to me that they think that two of the puppies have been adopted.  Only to be taken when ready of course.

This is a 40 second video of her and a few pups.  It breaks my heart as she so obviously wants to be loved.

I will check back again in a few weeks and see how things are going.  They did mention that she is walking on a leash now.

How can she get any rest with all that racket? I just breaks my heart.

So I was planning on posting this today when I found on the local Mazatlan news website more information on Princesa.  I never read any of the words but as soon as I saw the photo I knew it was her.  Her eyes go right into my soul.

Then I saw the name.  I can’t believe that her face has been so well imprinted on my mind.

Here is a closer look at the wording.

How wonderful to see Princesa in the news.  I do hope that this will help someone adopt her.

If someone in Canada or the US is interested in adopting her, there is a possibility that Colin and I can transport her out of Mexico.  I am not certain what kind of paperwork would be needed but that is a small detail.


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7 Responses to “Princess update”

  1. Doreen lefler says:

    I am so glad to se an update on princess,she has such a beautiful face. Her puppies look very healthy.im sure in time she’ll get to trust people and get adopted to a very loving family. Thanks for the update.

  2. Janet says:

    That was a great write up on Princessa, I forgot what a good looking dog she is!

  3. A really great write up, it sounds like you would have written it! I hope she starts gaining weight but it sounds like she is in the right shelter, they seem to be monitoring her closely. Happy also that her puppies are starting to be adopted. What kind eyes she has

  4. I meant to also say my Mom’s cat was in worse condition when taken from an animal hoarder in Langley. It took a full three months of feeding to get her to a normal weight so they could let her be adopted. Now she is over weight and likely will be her whole life due to food security issues but she is such a happy cat now, I hope the same for Princessa

  5. Kelly says:

    Hoping for the best outcome for Princess.

  6. Dee Tillotson says:

    I do see some change in Princess. Her coat of fur looks healthier, and her head around her mouth and eyes has filled out some–not as gaunt in those areas. It’s going to take awhile to convert nutrition to her body instead of pups.

  7. Hannelore says:

    Don’t be so sad Contessa and upset about Princess , it is not good for you. A home will be found I am sure.

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