Feb 09, 2018

You never know how a beach walk is going to turn out

We walked even further on this walk and saw something white sticking out just beyond the berm and walked up the path to investigate.

Someone has built themselves a lovely home and is now adding an addition.

Nice view!

Growing in the sand.

…and more to come.

We turned back and started our trek back home when this helicopter came racing down the beach fairly low to the sand.  That is another white home on the beach, this one abandoned.

These folks ended getting sand in their faces as the helicopter lowered even more.

Colin thinks it was a pilot in training.  They were wearing proper uniforms.

You can see them wiping their faces as the helicopter turned around before coming towards us.

Then the horses came up behind us.

As he passed us he indicated that he thought the helicopter was loco and the noise was bothering his horses.

Turned out to be a very foggy morning.

The day ended on a colorful note.

Just another day on the Isla.






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10 Responses to “You never know how a beach walk is going to turn out”

  1. Kelly says:

    Any news on the Princess dog and babies ?

  2. Kim and Don says:

    Hi! My apologies as we just saw that you posted a note on our blog. We are having trouble with our blog posting(eek) and replying. We are presently in Puerto Penasco, having spent some time in San Carlos. At some point, a meet up would be lovely. Our home is also the north Shuswap. kim and Don

  3. George Yates says:

    We loved the early morning walks along the beach. you just never know what you will see.

  4. So pretty, would love to have a home there. I miss walking on the beach…in the summer we do it a lot here but hubby stated maybe next year we take a break from going to Europe and go to Mexico or somewhere warm instead in January/February 🙂 The rain in the winter is getting to us (but nothing like the snow that the interior is getting right now, Prince George got like 2 feet the other day)

    • contessa says:

      I totally get that the rain is affecting you. That is the reason we moved form Vancouver to Kelowna. Hope you get to Mexico sooner than later.

  5. Dolores T says:

    Wasn’t that inconsiderate to get sand all over people?
    Like the horses, but why scare them? On purpose…

  6. Still enjoying seeing pictures of your doxie girls. They looked so much like our Susie,Tony and Schnitzel. All of them gone now. I know how nice beach walks can be. Back in our cruising days I did that a lot. Enjoy your stay, it’s beautiful there.

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