Feb 04, 2018

Went to pick up our laundry & RV repairs

Yesterday was another relaxing day for us.

We left the park to see that the sewer pipes are now being buried but the manhole covers are just starting to be cemented in.  See that first tree on the left next to the light pole, there is no way that we could get out without doing damage to our RV.  The foliage on the tree needs to be cut shorter so there is enough space to pass under it.  Hopefully the two RVs coming in tomorrow are short!  We have a caravan coming in a week from today.  The road has to be finished by then…..hopefully.

The only road into the colonia has been torn up.

I had to smile at how the girl pedaling the bike is trying to balance her friend who was sitting on the frame of the bike.

So how to get through to the colonia to be able to pick up our laundry?  Why by driving through the baseball field of course.

Saw this out in front of the lavenderia/laundry place.  Besides all the rust on the bike I don’t get why it is carrying a shovel.

Anyone want to come to the beach party?  Saw this posted outside the Super Deli.

This new building is coming along. There is also a new one just up a street from here. This one should have a small water view which is why I assume it was built narrow and high.  I could not imagine climbing those stairs everyday.  No doubt that these apartments will be rented very quickly at least for every winter season.

Some new artwork along the union bar wall.

Then there was this sweet little girl giving her dog lots of love.  I got this shot on the end of our beach walk yesterday.

Then unexpectedly our RV tech showed up.  Good thing we were home.  Somehow we never got his email telling us that he was coming.

I mentioned briefly in this post about our inverter problem.  The new circuit board came while we were in Guayabitos on our road trip.  Eric never had time until yesterday to come and install it.  He had to take the entire inverter out to replace the circuit board.  It took him about 90 minutes.  He also has been doing many repairs on our RV,  to name a few, rotating the hydraulic line out of the way so that it wouldn’t rub against the slide out during travel ( saving us a future repair ), fabricating and installing a metal screen guard under our radiator ( the old one had worn out ) so that tiny rocks on the road don’t bounce up into the radiator and cause leaks, installed a metal plate to bind together the joint in the beam on our palapa and several other small things.  If possible we save any needed RV repairs to be done here mostly because we trust Eric’s repairs and of course because his prices are much much lower than those at home.  Our most expensive repair was the inverter circuit board which was $491.00 CAD of which $170.00CAD was the cost to import the part into Mexico.  However it was still  a better deal than having to buy a new inverter for $2000.00 – $3000.00 USD.

We also ordered new front window curtains complete with a blackout lining.  These cost us $135.00 CAD including material and labor.  Talk about a deal.  Colin installed them himself.

Our next large RV expense will be to replace our two roof air conditioners as they are very badly rusted from all the salty ocean air we subject our RV to.  Maybe next year.  Of course we would buy the A/C units in the USA and bring them here for Eric to install.  Eric can’t believe that they are still functional after 17 years of spending winters on a Mexican beach 😯

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10 Responses to “Went to pick up our laundry & RV repairs”

  1. You are smart to do so much maintenance while there with such a qualified guy. He probably makes almost all his money in the winters there servicing snowbirders 🙂

    • contessa says:

      Eric works as an RV tech in Manitoba, Canada during the summers where his rates are at least double what he charges us here. So he works year round. I think he enjoys it but he is feeling the stress this year as he has more work than he can handle.

  2. George Yates says:

    Nice to have Eric there to do those repairs for you. A reliable repair person is a must. Nice to get those things done before you get back on the road again.

    • contessa says:

      We are fortunate to have Eric but years ago we had to sort things on our own and we somehow managed. About 10 or 11 years ago the living room hydraulic slide stopped working. We found someone who knew how to disconnect it and with the help of 6 RVers we got it pushed in preciously so that no damage was done. The slides stayed in for the next 2 1/2 weeks as we traveled until we got to the US for repairs. We are spoiled having Eric here.

  3. Croft Randle says:

    Over the years we have learned to do repairs as soon as problems happen. Much better than letting things pile up.

    • contessa says:

      Well there was no way we could wait on the inverter repair. There is no bypass so we would have had no electricity at all, not even able to run an extension out the window. So lucky we have Eric here who knew what to do. A big repair is to change the seal on our fridge and we did find the part and bring it with us. However that would be a 6 – 7 hour job and everything has to come out of the fridge and freezer as the doors need to be taken off. Our fridge is full!! We may do it the end of March or in March 2019, no idea yet. The other little things we are getting done are mostly cosmetic so can wait till we get here.

  4. Dee Tillotson says:

    Contessa, is the Stone Island Hotel the one in which Chris and Juan stayed when they made their last visit to the Isla? If so, I wonder what rating they would give the hotel on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best. Looks like some good entertainment!

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