Feb 02, 2018

I think we need to stay home more often

Every Thursday from 3 – 6 PM and sometimes later, El Velero a beach restaurant here on the Isla has a live band.

This year it is vintage rock and roll by a group called Kannon.  Last winter it was jazz.  One never knows if the place will be full or not.  Last night it was packed.  We were fortunate in that a young Mexican couple were just leaving so we got their table.  Our plan was to have a drink and possibly dinner.  We don’t often go out two nights in a row.  For some reason I just could not get into the music yesterday nor could Colin.  I think that our experience with Johnny O the evening before was so special and so recent that it just was not a good time to heading out again.  But we had heard that they were going to be focusing on 60’s music so we thought we should check it out.

The beach restaurant was packed and the staff were doing a great job of serving everyone.  This fellow was carrying three buckets of beer on his tray and another in his right hand.

Our table was in an odd corner but we were okay with that. We could still see the band.

Lots of dancing as always. We can actually hear the band from our patio at the RV park and have danced to a few tunes there.  But I do like to get there in person as El Velero makes a good margarita.

We enjoyed the music for a bit but decided that we needed to head home and have dinner there.

On the way out we stopped to chat with friends and caught the sunset.  You can just make out the Baja ferry leaving on the bottom left.

Once home we had to make dinner and that started with me harvesting kale from one of my pots.  Good thing that we were out there as we had a few tipsy RVers walking back that needed some light shed out onto the sand so they could find their way back up into the park.

Not sure how this photo got into my camera 🙂 but it does appear that I was too tired to read my book after dinner.

Two nights in a row is much too much for us but music is a big draw and we don’t want to miss anything.

Here is a longish clip made close to 2 -3 weeks ago by a professional videographer.  In fact he was at the original Woodstock back in the day.  If you listen to only a few moments you will get a feel for the band and see how very different the music was from the night before with Johnny O.

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6 Responses to “I think we need to stay home more often”

  1. Geno in Ohio says:

    Looks like a lot more fun than sitting here in the cold in Ohio. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Linda & Russell says:

    Kannon is our favorite band…we go to la Corriente every Wednesday when we’re there. Can’t wait to see them at El Valero too. My 2 favorite requests are horse with no name by America and still got the blues for you by gary Moore. I think Colin would enjoy that one…there’s a haunting bluesy guitar (electric of course) solo. Give it a listen online. They are a great group of guys.

  3. Sounds like fun but then you have had a lot of fun lately 🙂

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