Jan 27, 2018

Next stop Le Penita and Rincon de Guayabitos

We left Bucerias closer to 10AM rather than 9AM but there was an hour time change so we were ahead an hour 😯   It is a pretty drive from Puerto Vallarta to La Penita with many small towns and villages along the way.  We did stop for a drive through Sayulita as it has been 14 or 15 years since we have been there.  It has been paved and grown into a lovely village reminiscent of a hippy California town.

As our next three days were as full as the first three days we had to press on.  We got to La Penita about 11AM and our room was not ready.  The hotel was new but in a deserted dusty and very rough road location.  It was so cobble stoned that it was difficult to walk.

So we walked over to the Thursday market.  It has grown over the years and covers many blocks.  We wandered around for a few hours.  We needed nothing but Colin did buy a very nice leather wallet for 220 peosos/$13.35CAD/$10.90USD.  It has many compartments and card slots but is very thin.  A good purchase.

There is a new but short malecon. As you can see we have not had the best weather for our road trip.

These birds have found an interesting place to roost.

The room was still not ready so we left and headed to Rincon de Guayabitos as we were meeting friends for lunch.  We had some spare time we stopped and checked out a few hotels.  We liked the hotel in La Penita but not so much the location.  Guayabitos has all paved roads and is much more of a resort town geared to walking around.  However I must add that there are as many vacationing Mexicans here as there are US and Canadian snowbirds.  We found a decent hotel room ( the last one available ) for 3000 pesos/$200.00CAD for three nights as opposed to 3900 so we saved 900pesos/$60.00CAD.  Plus we had a kitchenette.  We were also closer to all the friends we were visiting excepting one couple in La Penita.  Our first choice had been to stay in Guayabitos but everything online was already booked.

We then headed over to Paraiso del Pescador RV Park to see friends and blog readers Sandy and Rex.  After some chit chat and a glass of vino for me we headed over to La Vista restaurant for a late lunch  or early dinner.  My head had been spinning from our late night and little sleep but after a few hours with these wonderful folks I was totally back to normal. A beautiful view overlooking Guayabitos but better enjoyed on a clear day.  We had RVed here for three years, maybe 15 – 17 years ago.

All our meals were gourmet. I had the mahi mahi teriyaki.  The margarita was excellent.  One of best meals we have enjoyed anywhere this year.

I think that Sandy and Rex have the best RV site all along this area of the coast.  The structure at the top left of the photo is the restaurant we dined at.

Our first sunset on this voyage.  The RV park as well as Guayabitos pretty much faces North so the sun does not set over the ocean in front but more around the corner to the left.

So ended day four of our road trip.  We went for a walk and then headed to bed fairly early.


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7 Responses to “Next stop Le Penita and Rincon de Guayabitos”

  1. SandyM says:

    We enjoyed our visit with you and Colin; so happy you had time to see our “Piece of Paradise” here in Rincon Guayabitos. Traveling Mercies for you back to your “Piece of Paradise” on the Isla de la Piedra.

  2. Your lunch food and view look amazing!

  3. Jannose says:

    Looks like you are enjoying your road trip. We are looking forward to heading to PV on February 17th!

  4. Joyce says:

    You bring a smile and many fun memories to me..We were in Guayabitos, Paraiso del Pescador, for 5 yrs. Still have friends at the park… We left when they added to new hotel/condos.

    Try getting on the beach during Samana Santa…. The place lost it’s charm with all the crowds….

    Enjoy…..Isla roads getting put back together. Joyce

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