Jan 26, 2018

Our final day in Bucerias

I think we packed as much as anyone could have into our short but wonderful time in Bucerias.

Jocelyn wanted to see the boats arrive for the annual blessing of the boats during the Bucerias town festival.  They came across the bay from La Cruz.  It took two hours as they traveled slowly in a cross formation.

Many of the 36 boats were decorated.

We were sitting at the top of a beach side restaurant.  We waited for close to two hours for the boats to arrive.  Good thing we did as the beach and all the restaurants were packed.

We then went over to Punta Mita for lunch but the restaurant was not open due to a broken water pipe so we simply walked down the beach to another.  For some reason I never got any photos.  It had become cool and windy so after lunch we returned home.

A group were to have come in but folks got busy so it was only three jamming in the afternoon. I used the time to create my last post.

We went to an outdoor pizzeria for dinner.

We ordered this pizza as an appetizer for everyone and it was great as well as the other food we had.

Lots of laughs and great conversation.

Of course when the mamma came begging for food I had to indulge her. She had one bowl of creamy pasta and politely begged for a second with her eyes.  Once she was done she left to care for her puppies.  She was not in as good a shape as Princess.  I did not pet her but I made certain that her stomach was full.

Somehow once we got back home it was time for yet another impromptu party, with different people.  More singing with drama, guitar playing and dancing.  It was a very late night.  We only got to bed at 2:30AM yesterday.

Gracias mi amigos, it was a wonderful few days.  But please, next time, I need more then five hours of sleep at night 😕

You have a lovely home.  Hopefully the bananas will be ready soon.



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3 Responses to “Our final day in Bucerias”

  1. George Yates says:

    What a fun time you party animals had !

  2. Very fun time, beautiful home, but now time for some rest for you two!

  3. Peter says:

    Food, wine and music. A recipe for fun!

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