Jan 16, 2018

We found the babies!

No idea what happened to Friday as there are no photos to document the day and the sunset was just a regular everyday type 😉   Great for most but ho hum for me.  Colin was supposed to follow Princess to her den but she took off ahead of her usual schedule.  Our plan was to feed her Saturday morning and then follow her.  However Julie who lives in a four plex/Casa Flor up the beach saw her first and fed her and then the dog decided to head back to the pups right away so Julie followed her.  We got a phone call about 9:30AM.  Puppies found.

When Julie found the dog earlier she had put a collar on her then came home and called us.  So we quickly got a few things together like a bin, a tarp and food, picked Julie up and headed to the area.  The dog came to me because of our bond so it was easy to leash her.

The den was half under a fallen tree and surrounded by tall weeds full of burrs.  The den was very small, she must have run out of time.  She had to lay on top of the pups to feed.  If you look closely you can see a few of them.

They still did not have their eyes open but they were big.

Julie moved them out one by one.

We thought that there were only five but we found one more at the back of the den.

Once the puppies were in the box, Mom went back into the den and moved as far away as she could from us.   She did not want to leave her home.  She would not come so Colin had to pull her out with force.

Then she refused to walk so Colin had to carry her to the car and then put her inside.  She closed her eyes and leaned her head on his shoulder.

I quickly got into the car to try and comfort her.  As you can see she was stressed.  The pups were in the blue bin behind her and they were whimpering.

Julie had agreed to let the pups stay at her place on the top floor on a balcony.  The RV park would not let me have them along with a loose beach dog.  Colin had to pick her up and carry her inside.  Once on the ground she would not walk so he carried her up to the second level.

We had thought to bring dog food and water dishes as well as a pork shank bone with some left over rice that had been donated for her.

It was the perfect method to calm her down and distract her from her surroundings.  The pups are just behind her.  We used the bin to cut the wind coming up from the beach.

So we have four girls and two boys.  Papa must have been a big guy.

After she ate she moved closer to her babies.

Just a few minutes later she stretched out and started to feed.  Note the towel under her head.  I am the most nurturing dog owner ever.  It was nice to see her have space to stretch out and to relax.

Once she her eyes began to close we left quietly so as to not upset her.

But somehow she knew we were leaving.  She did settle down again.

I would never have left her side but we had plans to visit friends at their new condo on the malecon.  Great view.

Not to mention the gorgeous sunset.

Oh and the handsome men.

It was the perfect way to de-stress from the day.

While Colin and Kevin played, us girls chatted in the other room just catching up on life.

Linda and I eventually moved into the music room where she joined in creating some great sounds.  Next time I will bring my maracas to play.  It was a great end to a long day.

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10 Responses to “We found the babies!”

  1. Don & Kathy says:

    So wonderful to see Princess and her puppies. It is clear she trust you. Wonder what will become of her and the pups. Also great to hear/see the video of Colin and Kevin – just like being there.

  2. Doreen lefler says:

    So glad you have found princess and her puppies,they look to be in good shape, thankfully the move was successful.

  3. Your kindness looking after Princess is wonderful. Would you consider to put up a jar for collections in the restaurant or RV ground to have Princess and the females spayed? Next year around this time there could be more than 30 dogs running around. Having them fixed might be their only chance for survival. I know it’s a sad life for strays.

  4. Kelly says:

    Well done! Probably the only human love she has ever felt.

  5. Peter says:

    The last doggy pictures definitely shows a big smile on Princess’ face. Now to get them all spayed and nuetered is a good idea. Cool music video!

  6. Dee Tillotson says:

    Now we know where most of Princess’ nutrition is going; those are very well-fed puppies and so many of them. Contessa, as a registered nurse, what advice would you give to build up her health (without taking away nutrients from the puppies)?

  7. No wonder she was skinny, six puppies to feed!

  8. Paul says:

    What a beautiful story…. You are hero’s to any dog lover.

    My hat off to you…

    Have a great great time in your beautiful resort.

    Those dogs are so lucky to have you.

  9. Geno in Ohio says:

    Thank you for your perseverance and kindness to animals who are in need. Beautiful story.

  10. SandyM says:

    Those sure are big puppies; no wonder Princess is so very thin. Thank you for caring for her and babies. Enjoyed hearing Colin and his friend play – thank you for sharing.

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