Jan 13, 2018

I became very concerned

We had last seen the dog Monday morning.  No site–ting at all on Tuesday.  In fact we did not see her until late Wednesday afternoon.

Carnival Cruise ship coming in early morning.

As we walk the beach each day we see a large variety of aquatic life.  As the tide comes in or recedes the starfish are often turned upside down.  You can see its tentacles moving about.

If you wish to see how a starfish actually moves about, click here for a less than one minute educational moment.

So Colin is constantly turning them over so that they do not dry out and die.  Once they are turned over you can actually see their arms reach down to the sand.

If the tide is still going out he will often move them closer to the water.  That bag on his right shoulder holds water and kibble and two containers to fill for the dog to eat out of.

Tuesday  morning we left a bucket full of fresh water and a container of kibble near where we thought we saw her walk up and off the beach the day prior.

The area we chose had a lot of dog footprints in the area.

Tuesday sunset.

We walked early Wednesday morning but did not see her.  However half of the kibble was gone.  We added more fresh water to the bucket and topped up the kibble.  However we could not be sure that it was actually her that was eating the kibble as there are many other beach dogs out there.

Half the kibble was gone.

After attending a celebration of life for a fellow RVer Wednesday afternoon we finally saw the dog again.  The next chapter tomorrow….


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3 Responses to “I became very concerned”

  1. SandyM says:

    Beautiful sunset photos the last two posts and good to read the up-date on the Princess. Amazing to watch the starfish video. thank you for sharing

  2. George Yates says:

    Loved walking along the beach there is the morning, so peaceful..
    Glad you saw the dog again.

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