Jan 12, 2018

Our second time with the dog & a fabulous sunset

We were now traveling with a bit of food and water. We had our second encounter in the morning, Monday, January 8th.  At this point I only had tortillas with me (which today in real time is what she  appears to prefer but is not the healthiest for her.)  We did buy dog kibble later in the day last Monday.

She did recognize us and was happy to see us as well as to eat the rest of the tortillas.  She looks so thin in these photos.

That is a bit of tortilla sticking out of her mouth.

Such a sweet girl. I do think that she looks like a Princess.

So after she ate and drank our water she headed down to the restaurant while we kept walking up the beach.  We came upon someone we have known here for a few years ( Casa Flor ) and asked about the dog.  He knew nothing about her but was willing to keep an eye out and offer her food.  As we spoke she came back towards us ( the restaurant was empty that early in the morning and there was no one to beg food from ) and when we crouched down in a welcome pose she came right up to us.  I could tell she was still hungry but we had no food left.  The fellow on the beach managed to get us in contact with his lady friend who brought us some dog kibble and water.  However the dog was very wary of this new male stranger and kept her tail between her legs.

We were surprised to see her eat kibble which most beach dogs refuse. She was that hungry.

She ate and ate and drank.  We talked with these folks and they agreed to keep an eye out for her and to feed her when she came near their place.   Once she was full she took off toward her pups.  We followed for a bit but could not go all the way as I had an appointment back at the RV to do an injection.  We were able to see where she went up into the plantation.  I was happy as I knew that she had a full stomach that morning.

Just off the cruise ship for the day and this is what they are enjoying about being on the beach!

The start of a great show by Mother Nature.

Fishermen putting our their net.  Note the sailboat on the left.

A change in color.

Another great day here on the Isla.





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10 Responses to “Our second time with the dog & a fabulous sunset”

  1. Sandie Dixon says:

    I’m sure glad you have more people looking out for “Princess”. She needs lots of nourishment if she’s nursing. Gorgeous sunset pictures. Idiot tourists and their cell phones.

    • contessa says:

      Thank you re the sunset photos. I also can’t stand people sitting in a restaurant all looking at their cell phones.

  2. George Yates says:

    Looks like Princess has adopted you.
    A great way to enjoy the beach playing on your cell phone. lol….

  3. Peter says:

    It is now illegal in some places to text and walk! Princess is a lucky girl to have found you…

  4. Dee Tillotson says:

    It is doubtful Princess would have consumed so much at one time if she were not nursing pups. Growing pups must be exhausting for her. Glad that you followed her for a while; now that you are near her nesting place, she probably will sense when you are there.

  5. Dee Tillotson says:

    Contessa, just been catching up on your posts. Concerning the credit card fraud, you and Colin can purchase RFID purses/wallets. I got ours at a Fossil Shop. Credit card fraud is not just a matter of skimming anymore. Crooks can now read your credit card letters and numbers right through your unprotected purses and billfolds. Since we have been using RFID purses and wallets, we have not had the fraud problem. Could be just a coincidence, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. These RFID purses/wallets cost just a bit more in fine shops. It’s great that you were reimbursed, but what a nuisance it is.

    • contessa says:

      The credit cards have been locked in the safe since mid November as we don’t use them here at all. Cash only. I actually do have RFID cases for our passports and our credit cards but of course they are at home in Canada 🙁 My thinking was to use them in Europe!! I will add them to my RV packing list.


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