Jan 11, 2018

Credit card fraud

Did not post yesterday due to being very busy between trying to feed our girl, having a massage and attending a celebration of life ceremony.

It was suggested by long time blog reader Don that I call our beach dog “Princess” alluding to some wording I used in describing her behavior.  Usually I just call her honey but I will try out Princess.  I did not see her at all on Tuesday and not until end of day yesterday, Wednesday.  Details  and photos soon.  Also saw her this afternoon.

We were in town today visiting with  friends and doing some errands including getting my iPhone set up with a Mexican Telcel SIM card.  There were several issues with getting it set up so in the end we had to spend 180 pesos ( $11.67 CAD ) to go the the Telcel office via taxis ( round trip ) and get it sorted out.  What I thought was the package I was getting turned out to be no longer available so I had to start all over at the beginning.  So once again I am behind on emails and blog posts.  I did learn that the unlimited calls within the US and Canada only lasted for 30 days once we actually left Mexico and could only be restarted once back in Mexico.  So I now have unlimited calls to and from Mexico, US and Canada including texts, messenger etc and 1500mb of data for 300 pesos/$19.44CAD/$15.54USD for 30days.  After thirty days I will downgrade to 200 pesos per month which only includes 1000mb as well as unlimited everything else, but is good for 33 days 🙄

Just about sunset tonight I realized that I really needed to track my banking as I had made three ATM withdrawals that I had not added to my cheque book.  That led me to paying some credit card bills and discovering that our CIBC Visa had been compromised with a $338.25 charge to our credit card in Calgary, Alberta on January 3rd  for a car rental while we were here in Mazatlan at the time.  I was on the phone for close to 90 minutes  ( yeah for the free phone call on a good connection as opposed to using Magicjack on the RV park internet ) getting it sorted out.  It may take up to 60 days before that amount is refunded to us.

It is now 9:25PM and we have yet to have dinner.  I have also been doing some nursing activities these past 10 days.  One person paid me, as a thank you, 200 pesos to use for dog food 😀

A very quick snapshot of the sunset tonight.

Hope to get caught up soon, as we are leaving on a road trip January 22nd.  Just might have to do more than one post per day to catch up.  Meanwhile between doing my nursing thing, finding and feeding the dog or just leaving food out for her along the beach, visiting with friends ( and more visits to come ), walking the beach every day and trying to keep my garden alive I am rather busy.  Haven’t had time to read a book in over a week but I am not complaining ( Colin does find time to play his guitar each day and helps me as much as he can but I am the one dealing with the minute details, etc ).  Plus I haven’t even started researching our trip to Europe in May.  Life is invigorating rather than dull and repetitive.  We had to turn down two dinner invitations tonight.  Mind you those come along very very rarely but we can only manage one outing per day.  We had a great time with friends today and a post is coming on that as well as more on our girl.  She is amazingly smart.

By the way I am looking for someone to water our garden two or three times while we are away 😎

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10 Responses to “Credit card fraud”

  1. George Yates says:

    You are keeping busy getting things all done.
    Too bad about the credit card

  2. Al McClughan says:

    Interesting about the credit card. A friend from western Canada (Alberta) who is down here in California had her Visa card compromised back home as well. Wonder if it’s a common problem with Visa?

    • contessa says:

      This is the second time this has happened to us here in the last 7 years. The first time we could pinpoint the date to within a few days of using the card at the border crossing. We used the card to import the vehicles.

  3. Peter says:

    Looking forward to the road trip. Princess is an apt name for the little lady on the beach.

  4. We try and switch out our credit card numbers around once a year, hubby’s card has been compromised several times. One was a flower order in Langley?!? Weird charge. My card was compromised and someone was charging hot dogs to it in Los Angeles. Fortunately we were not responsible for any of the charges. Now I check our personal ccs and business cc about 2 x a week to make sure there aren’t weird charges. Are they sending you a new card?

    • contessa says:

      Great idea to change the card numbers annually. Yes they are sending a new card but only to our home address in Kelowna. We really don’t use credit cards here in Mexico but do in the US but I have a different card that we can use on the way home.

  5. Maxx Trails says:

    I would offer to water your garden but it is to long of a commute 🙂

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