Jan 07, 2018

The Jeep went shopping

I don’t think that I have mentioned that we had a leak in the front left tire of the Jeep. We tried a local tire guy here on the Isla but he told us that he could not repair it and that we needed a new tire.  We used the spare as shown above for a few weeks but did not go far at all, mostly just to drop off and pick up laundry and to the embarcadero.

So we waited until Christmas and New Years was over and that I was finally feeling normal again before we did anything about it.  There is only one advertised tire shop in Mazatlan that deals with Goodyear tires and that is where we went last Thursday.

Right on the street corner next to the tire place were some street performers. Boundless energy.  You might say that they had a captive audience.  Just as the traffic light changes they pass a hat for coins.

So what seems to be the problem?

Bottom line we needed a new tire. So Colin decided that we would get two new tires so that they would be balanced.  It did appear that the other front tire might only be good for another 5 – 8 thousand miles so it made sense to do it now.

They just so happened to have four of the exact tires that we needed in stock. Lucky us.  The installed price was 4211 pesos each.  A cost of $2.92 USD to install and balance ( which they did properly with with weights ) per tire.  However the overall cost per tire was approximately $29.00 more per tire that it would have cost us to buy the same tire in the US not including installation and balancing.  I think we did very well overall.  So glad we decided to get two now and not wait until we got back home.  Time saved 🙂

Friday we finished that game of Mexican Train. Guess who won? Colin got 206, the rest of us checked out at 325, 396 ( me ) and 448.

Then we just had to play a few games of Jenga. Guess who won yet again?

Life is good here on the Isla.


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5 Responses to “The Jeep went shopping”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice that you git 2 new tires especially on the front. Always a good deal no matter the price when you really need something.

  2. Peter says:

    Good deal on the tires! Your place on the beach sure looks comfy.

  3. If you pay around the same it was definitely a good idea to get it done, need good reliable tires for your adventures out!

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