Jan 05, 2018

It was an afternoon of Mexican Train

This was yesterday, January 4ths post, but we lost internet from mid afternoon until noon today. But due to other obligations I was unable to get online until now.

After several delays due to my cold and then my flu we were finally able to enjoy a game of Mexican Train with France and Claude this last Wednesday.

They are experts at the game and Colin and I had forgotten the little that we knew so it took a while to get started.  We only managed to go from double twelves to double sixes.

That was the Grand Princess heading into the sunset. Yes that is banana boat in the foreground and if you look closely a pelican at the top right.

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6 Responses to “It was an afternoon of Mexican Train”

  1. Nancy Hodgson says:

    I have sent rogerio (roger) to your rv park
    He is now selling organic vegetables from back of his van
    You may remember him from a few years ago when he came around on motor bike with lovely
    Heirloom tomatoes?
    Got some strawberries, blueberries and Brussels sprouts from him
    He may have a lead on gluten free bread too
    Hope he gets by to your spot


    • contessa says:

      Yes he came by this afternoon ( Saturday ). He says he plans to come by every Saturday. I do remember him and the Heirloom tomatoes from 4 -5 years ago. He said that he is going to start growing them again.

      Thank you so very much for sending him this way.

  2. Looks relaxing. Glad you´re feeling better. It´s warming up now here in northern Mexico. Woke up this morning to 3C.

  3. I’ve never played Train but got into Canasta this year. Glad life is resuming as normal for you finally 🙂

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