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Jul 16, 2018

Butterfly release

My blog posts over the last eight years were mostly about Carmeh and Caeli and our travels in the RV which we bought for them.  I don’t think that we were ever separated from them in the time we had them, other then the one 24 hour period that I went to meet Colin in […]


Jul 15, 2018

Garden update

I am happy to say that we still have a garden and it is doing rather well.  We now are able to weed just once per week and that seems to be enough.  We found some discarded boards which we have placed between the rows and that is helping with the weeds.  Best of all […]


Jul 13, 2018

Our last 24 hours in Europe

After our visit to Sagrada Familia we went back to the same place ( we went there after the walking tour ) for more of that great quiche.  Then we headed back to our apartment.  We were leaving in the morning and we needed to get ready.  This was the first sunny and warm day […]


Jul 12, 2018

The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia

I will leave you here for tonight and finish off the rest of this day and our last day in Spain in my next post.        


Jul 11, 2018

Continued from yesterday’s post

After our tour of Casa Batllo and a very light snack we were ready for our tour of Casa Mila.  During our free Gaudi walking tour the day prior Colin decided that he definitely wanted to see this second home.  I went online and was able to  secure two tickets at the senior rate of […]


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