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Mar 17, 2018

We went out again

We did stay home Thursday which was a needed break.  This pace is a bit too fast for me but we are enjoying everything that we are doing.  It seems that a lot of things are all happening the last two weeks of March. I forgot to mention that during our beach walk Thursday we […]


Mar 16, 2018

Johnny O

Yes he was here in February and here is my post of the evening we saw him. We also saw him in February of 2017.   Mazatlan loved this group and wanted more.  So Johnny O came back from Colorado for another week.  Just to be clear, the rest of the band come from here […]


Mar 15, 2018

Que pasa

While they were playing the middle pup went into the bed area and went to sleep.  I told Ann that she would have to make sure that this one gets milk every 3 -4 hours.  I had also purchased a small bottle with a nipple to feed her with.  Anne tried it with the 3PM […]


Mar 14, 2018

We have puppies!!!

Sometime during the night someone came here to our specific site and dropped off three puppies.  I didn’t even go outside until 9:30 this morning to water my plants .  It was when I got close to one corner of my yard that I saw a movement.  I thought I was hallucinating when I saw […]


Mar 13, 2018

My solo adventure on the Isla

I don’t think that I have driven alone on the Isla more than a dozen times in nine years.  No reason to as we tend to do things together.  But I wanted to pick Colin up at the embarcadero and our laundry also needed to be collected. I know that I am going into a […]


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