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Jan 16, 2018

We found the babies!

No idea what happened to Friday as there are no photos to document the day and the sunset was just a regular everyday type 😉   Great for most but ho hum for me.  Colin was supposed to follow Princess to her den but she took off ahead of her usual schedule.  Our plan was to […]


Jan 15, 2018

Thursday was an interesting day for us

After we changed we headed to the beach. Not too far past RV2 we saw our girl following a lady walking her dog.  Turns out it was Allison, a blog reader whom I helped get a spot here for a week before they moved further south.  She said that the dog just appeared out of […]


Jan 14, 2018

Celebration of life and news about our girl

Wednesday about 4PM we spotted our girl in the restaurant next to the RV Park just next to the memorial location.  I had brought our dog food and water with us to the celebration of life so we had it with us.  Princess was as happy to see us as we were her.  She ate […]


Jan 13, 2018

I became very concerned

We had last seen the dog Monday morning.  No site–ting at all on Tuesday.  In fact we did not see her until late Wednesday afternoon. If you wish to see how a starfish actually moves about, click here for a less than one minute educational moment. We walked early Wednesday morning but did not see […]


Jan 12, 2018

Our second time with the dog & a fabulous sunset

So after she ate and drank our water she headed down to the restaurant while we kept walking up the beach.  We came upon someone we have known here for a few years ( Casa Flor ) and asked about the dog.  He knew nothing about her but was willing to keep an eye out […]


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