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Dec 21, 2017

Critters in my garden

I am trying to get my posts caught up to real time but with the Christmas season we are just so busy doing things that I have lots to share with  you.


Dec 20, 2017

A busy Sunday



Dec 19, 2017

We did manage to get Christmas put up

Colin thinks that my photos are not very good but until he takes some himself this is it.  We did this about a week ago. Did I mention that I love Christmas 🙄  During all of this decorating we are listening to French Christmas carols.  They are so much more melodic than the English ones. […]


Dec 18, 2017

We dried out on Saturday



Dec 17, 2017

There has been a change to our paradise.

We managed to get over the cold snap last week but then we had a few days of drizzles and then a day of heavy rain.  The forecast is on again/off again with a rain/shower forecast for the week ahead. Perhaps paradise is back 😀  


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