Dec 30, 2017

I had no idea that yesterday would end as it did

More and more families coming to the beach every day despite the grey sky.

Horses just in front of RV2.  Keep the yellow building  on the left in mind, it is the Maria Coral Hotel and comes into play at the end of this post.

More ATV’s on the beach.

As well as many more horses.

Is that a UFO?

No, that is Pierre playing with his new drone.

The banana boat never stopped all day.  This is the one right in front of us.

Not sure if you can see the pelicans on the rocks in the background. There are at least six banana boats running up and down the beach at all times.

After a grey day it was nice to see a few rays of sun.

The weather is not normal and reminds us of the Oregon coast.  Grey, damp and humid.

We ended the day by attending a one hour concert put on by the Maria Coral Hotel. A tenor from Guadalajara was in Mazatlan and graciously offered to perform for an hour.  Apparently the owner of the hotel had been in a restaurant in Guadalajara with his daughter and this tenor, Ezequiel Ojeda, performed.  He invited Ezequiel to let him know when he was in Mazatlan.  Fortunately we were  all invited to attend.

The light was low and we had the wrong camera with us but oh my what a delightful end to my day.  He of course sang some operatic arias but also sang Amapola and Besame Mucho.  I am feeling rather spoiled this year with all the personal attention I am getting at operatic events.  Lucky me!


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8 Responses to “I had no idea that yesterday would end as it did”

  1. lucy says:

    Si, absolutamente, you’re been pampered & spoiled by this tenor… Besame Mucho es una vieja y hermosa cancion quizas una clásica del repertorio mexicano; lucky U girl !!

    My regards. Lucy.

    • contessa says:

      I have sung Besame Mucho with Isela while Colin and Heriberto played. But yes I was pampered. Who doesn’t like having their hand kissed.

  2. Peter says:

    Well, what a night out! Let’s hope for some warmer weather in January.

  3. What a great night that must have been. You look like you feel better!

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