Dec 26, 2017

The parties are over….

…for a few days at least 🙂

Some of our neighbors played games on both the 24th and the 25th.

We chose to stay quiet.  It was our first Christmas in twenty years without dogs and we were really missing Carmeh and Caeli.  Tears were shed by both of us.  Fortunately we had leftovers from the party of the 23rd for our dinner on the 24th.  I was pretty tired and we did not even walk that day.

Christmas Eve sunset.

We did walk early on Christmas morning.  Here in the park some of us exchange cards and hand out a few treats.

We were fortunate to have Rudolph make a special delivery to us.

Somehow we ended up having some gifts to open.

We haven’t exchanged gifts for years. However last year Colin thought it might be nice to exchange a few. So this was our second year of shopping in the mercardo for our gifts to each other. We go our separate ways for an hour and then meet back up and head home after picking up some fruit and veggies. There are very few big ticket items and between us we spent less than $70.00CAD. We had fun opening the gifts. Colin had been looking for a smaller mug for his morning coffee and I really liked the colors in this one.

I took this photo to show you what appears to be our new color.  I purchased a turquoise shirt for Colin while he got me a dress in the same color.  The ceramic iguana on the left is in the same shade.  The three blown glass balls on the stands were my very special gift from Colin.  I love all the colors in them.  I will have to get a better photo another day.

I had several new hibiscus bloom for me on the 25th.

Interesting characters walking the beach.  This guy was being followed by a mouse.  They were asking for donations for ??

We played a few games of backgammon as we watched the beach activity. We drank one or two or ? spritz, a lovely drink we discovered while in Venice.  It contains Prosecco Doc, or Champagne, Aperol and a dash of club soda.  You just can’t leave an open bottle of bubbly in the fridge, it must be consumed.

After sunset we cooked two very special casseroles, recipes that we have made pretty much every Christmas for thirty years.  Along with some baked salmon in phyllo and a salad we had a most filling and delicious Christmas dinner.  Then a neighbor dropped over two pieces of the best pecan pie that I have ever had, in fact the best pie that I have ever tasted.  We might have leftovers for a few weeks.

Yesterdays Christmas sunset.


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4 Responses to “The parties are over….”

  1. rocmoc says:

    We know how you feel 🙁 , we still hurt also!

    rocmoc n AZ

  2. Peter says:

    A wonderful Christmas despite the missing girls. You done good!

  3. Shelagh says:

    I love the glass balls and stands. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you two! We had a very busy full few days so I missed saying it in advance. Love your gifts to each other, you know each other so well

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