Dec 23, 2017

It was time for a day in Mazatlan

The car carrier is as large as the Princess cruise ship. I have seen cars being unloaded in the past but this time they were loading cars made here in Mexico for transport to ports all over the world.

I went in a few hours before Colin and had my hair colored and cut. He joined me later to get his hair trimmed.  The funny thing is, is that this is Tippy Toes,  the place where I got got stuck in the bathroom last December.  They all laughed when I told them that I got locked in again yesterday.

Afterwards we wandered about and stopped for a drink.

This restaurant was across the street.  It was in what used to be a home.

Then I looked up.  I zoomed in with my camera.  This was the second story open to the elements.  There were even plants growing inside.  Back in the day they used huge beams in the ceilings.

We then heard a huge bang and within ten minutes yet another even louder bang.  Just a block away from where we were sitting there were two car crashes, each in a different direction.  It was quiet with little traffic yet both of the vehicles that were T boned were non drive able.  Obviously folks were driving too fast.  The first accident involved a police truck hitting a tourists car.  We didn’t take pictures of that one for obvious reasons and this is the other.

After our drinks we walked around Centro and were finally ready for a Christmassy dinner at the Plazuela Machado.  We walked all around the square trying to find out why there were no lights turned on.  None at all, the Christmas trees and lights were turned off.  Finally someone explained that they were shooting a scene for a TV novella.  Why now and not before or after the holiday season.  Apparently the lights had been off just the other night also.  Well I did not want to sit in a dark square with no music and no lights so we started walking again.  FYI, I had no trouble getting all my steps this day.

We ended up at the Fish Market on the malecon, a longtime favorite.  Despite the fact that every year their prices go up, we keep returning.  We were able to enjoy the new look of the malecon.

Our shrimp fettuccine was as excellent as the last time we were there back in March.  Their margaritas are consistently good.  Suzanne I can’t believe that we drank two of them when you and I went there.

After dinner we walked the malecon as we needed to digest our fabulous dinner.

The new lights provide a pleasing glow.

Someone or perhaps a few people had taken the trouble to create some Christmas cheer.  All it took was a stick, some twigs, colored ribbon and a few pieces of sparkling tinsel.  I like to think that someone started it and then another individual came along and added something and then another person added an item or two.  It was a fun end to our evening in Mazatlan.


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  1. Suzanne says:

    aaaahhhh, what I would give to be sitting next to you across from the beach with that frosty margarita in front of me on this blustery December day! Hope you enjoyed one for me…

    Feliz Navidad, Mi Amiga!

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