Dec 22, 2017

I got locked in the bathroom, AGAIN!!

This past Tuesday, David the owner of the RV park here on the Isla put on a posada as he called it at RV2.  I would call it a party.   He provided the tables, chairs, a live band, beer and we all brought the pot luck meal.  In true Mexican fashion it started about 40 minutes late.

There was more food than we could eat.

The band was excellent and could play any request. Their music was perfect. That is a Princess cruise ship heading out.

Of course there was a colorful sunset. Sadly we have not had a sunset since ( 3 nites now ) as clouds and some drizzle have returned.  Fortunately we always get a few hours of blue sky and sun midday.

This fellow was really good. The band played for three hours with just a 30 minute break.  Loved the lighting system the group brought along.

We danced a lot and I mean a LOT.  The band just seemed to know what to play to get everyone up dancing.

Very happy that someone used my camera to take some photos of us.

I can’t recall the song but everyone was up dancing on this one.

I even got Ismael, our handyman up for a dance.

So at about this point I needed to go to the bathroom.  Remember, we were at RV 2 so I had to use the public facility.  As the stalls are unisex I automatically lock the door behind me.  Once I’ve done my thing I go to open the door.  Only it does not open.  I try and try.  I push and turn the knob.  Ever so slowly it  dawns on me that I am locked in the bathroom.  Bring claustrophobic I panic.  I bang on the door with both fists all the while screaming help as loud as I can.  I bang, I scream and keep turning the knob which does not move.

My fists get sore.  I feel the air becoming thinner.  Eventually I realize that with the band playing, there is no way anyone could hear me.  I try and calm myself.  I  remember that I have a tiny LED  flashlight with me.  I stand on my tippy toes and raise my arm as high as I can to turn the flashlight on and off in the small opening at the top of the door.  On and off, on and off with the occasional cry for help.  Finally I hear footsteps on the gravel.  Someone had seen the flashing light.  I was rescued.  I was trapped for just over 20 minutes.

This is the third time in about three years that I have been trapped in a bathroom in Mazatlan.  Last year they had to break down the door to get me out.  You can read about that here.  There is no way that I am ever ever going to go to the bathroom alone unless in my own home.  I will have someone with me or I will not lock the door.  Needless to say I was upset and that was the end of my fun evening.  I had told Colin that I was going to the bathroom but he was chatting with a friend and had no idea as to the amount of time that had passed.  I was so very happy to be free again.  This of course only adds to my claustrophobia.  Anytime I fly I have to do breathing exercises to calm down and not scream at the top of my lungs.  Wine does help.  If I can, I have a glass before heading out, unless the flite is at 7AM.

So for real, I have not locked a bathroom door since last Tuesday and we have been out to a few public places.  I don’t care who walks in on me.

Overall it was still a wonderful evening and I am so thankful that I got to dance to so many wonderful songs.  I did get the name of the band and their contact info, they were that good.  Now who can I talk into hiring a band?  Hmm I know someone who is having a special birthday in February.  Are you reading this Dave?


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14 Responses to “I got locked in the bathroom, AGAIN!!”

  1. lucy says:

    HOWDYYY, how strange that the doors are locked from the outside, isn’t it backwards, shouldn’t they be locked from inside of the bathroom, or whatever room it is ?

    Glad U guys had fun spite been locked in!!

    My regards, Lucy.

  2. Contessa says:

    The doors are locked from inside the stall but somehow get stuck and I can’t get out. Things are often old and rusty in this part of Mexico due to the salt air and humidity. Therefore things malfunction.

    • lucy says:

      Idea… what about carrying @ WD-40 spray in your purse ? It is a powerful stuff, it rarely fails. Oh, and a pair of pliers, as well.

      Caramba que feo quedar encerrada en un baño ( o en cualquier lugar to that effect ).


  3. Sandie Dixon says:

    I would also not be locking any more bathroom doors. If somebody walks in they will back out quickly I’m sure. I’m glad you had a good evening up to that point. Jim and I used to dance but with my ankle and his back, we don’t do much anymore. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  4. George Yates says:

    Glad that you had a wonderful evening dancing up until you were held hostage in the cuarto de baño. Nice good thing that you got rescued eventually.

  5. Peter says:

    There’s something weird with you and bathroom doors! Twenty minutes is a long time to be in a panic. Glad you made it out well and safe. Despite all that, it looks like a wonderful evening was had by all.

  6. Again! I would make your hubby escort you every time, or send a search party if you don’t come back in 2 minutes. It looks like a fun party.

    • contessa says:

      The party was the fun part. I now make sure that someone knows where I am going and to check after 5 minutes at the most but I am still not locking the door.

  7. Missing out on the weather and fun.

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