Dec 21, 2017

Critters in my garden

This little guy was about the size of a goldfinch but I wonder if he could be a species of oriole.  He was most interested in the oranges.

We had visitors Monday morning. Bella and Karl used to RV here on the Isla but now rent an apartment on the beach in the Golden Zone.  We have known them for nine years and they loved the girls.  Caeli used to go over to their RV for naps in the afternoon.  Bella is an artist and always delivers a special Christmas card that she painted.  Her art sells in a gallery in Manitoba.

Not easy to see but there is an oriole on both orange halves.  They could eat two oranges per day but we limit them to the one.  There are several types of orioles that visit our oranges.

A new visitor to my back garden.

Colin was playing his guitar when he spied this critter munching the leaves of my plumeria tree.  Fortunately I had my camera close by.

Monday night was the monthly spaghetti dinner at Carmelitas.  We caught up with friends who are not RVers.  Sorry for the out of focus shot.  It is official, Carmelitas  makes the best margaritas on the Isla.  Not saying that that is the reason for the blurry photo 🙂

This year they are working out of a mini kitchen as the restaurant kitchen is under renovation.  I can personally attest that Jon, in the white shirt, threw a piece of spaghetti on the wall to declare that it was ready to be served!  If it sticks it is ready.

I snuck outside to catch this Monday night sunset.

I am trying to get my posts caught up to real time but with the Christmas season we are just so busy doing things that I have lots to share with  you.

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11 Responses to “Critters in my garden”

  1. Gail Todd says:

    If you have a bird book, look under warblers- I think you have a Wilson’s Warbler there in your first photo.

    • contessa says:

      Thanks Gail. I enlarged the photo I took and compared it to the Wilson’s Warbler and that was it. Thanks ever so much.

  2. George Yates says:

    Looks like another fn day you had, that is the way I test the spaghetti as well. Works for me too.

  3. Sally says:

    Looks like a female painted bunting to me.

  4. Hi Contessa and Collin,
    I’ve been a long time reader of your blog. I like your posts and included you in our list of favourite blogs we follow quite some time ago. Although I don’t comment often, I thought you might like the following Christmas poem as it is so fitting for your present location. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Marlene & Benno

    Night Before Christmas (Noche Buena)
    Twas the night before Christmas and all through the casa not a creature was stirring, I wondered? Que Pasa? I was hanging the stockings with mucho cuidado in hopes that old Santa would feel obligado, to bring all the children both buenos y malos a nice batch of dulces and other regalos.
    My brothers and I went to sleep in our camas some in long underwear, some in pijamas. When out in the yard there arose such a grito, that I jumped to my feet like a frightened perrito. I ran to the window and looked afuera and who in the world do you think? Quien era? Santo Clos in a sleigh and instead of venados were 8 little burros approaching, volando. I watched as they came and this fat little hombre was shouting and calling each one by nombre: ay Pancho, ay Pepe, ay Cuca, ay Beto, ay Chato, ay Nacho, Maruca y Chulo!
    Then standing erect with his hands on his pecho, he flew to the top of our very own techo. With his round belly like a bowl of jalea, he struggled to squeeze down our old chimenea. Then huffing and puffing and a little cansado, he picked up a bag that looked so pesado. He filled all the stockings with lovely regalos, for none of the niños had been very malos.
    Then chuckling aloud, seeming very contento, he turned like a flash and was gone like the viento. And I heard him exclaim, and this is verdad,
    “Merry Christmas a todos, Feliz Navidad!”

    • contessa says:

      How delightful. I love the poem. You may not comment often but when you do it is very special. Merry Christmas to you both.

  5. Maxx Trails says:

    That’s the way I test my spaghetti! The kids used to think it was pretty funny 🙂

  6. Linda & Russell says:

    What a fun time – minus the lock issues!
    Try a mango margarita at Carmelitas…they are so good. Can’t wait to have one and to see Ruben. Feliz navidad

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