Dec 03, 2017

We ended November with some rock & roll

Earlier in the day we noticed this young boy walking along the beach with what appeared to be his pet raccoon.

One of my new hibiscus bloomed and not long thereafter our resident iguana ate it!

Thursday was a great day for a long beach walk.  There was a cruise ship in port which always brings horse riders to the beach.  You can walk ( ride or ATV ) as far the the eye can see.

Considering the cruise ship in port it was still very quiet along our beach in front of the RV Park.

El Velero, a beach restaurant, has live music every Thursday from about 3 – 7 PM or as long as we all stick around.  This lovely lady, Ann, who is here alone, from Saskatchewan came over to say hello.  She told that she was here because of me and  this blog.   Apparently it was her inspiration to travel here for the winter.  The music had started and it was impossible to talk but I think she said that she was here for 6 months.  Anyway I am still waiting for her to come by and chat so I can get more information.  You can imagine my surprise when I first met her.

The band was fabulous.  Last winter the restaurant had a jazz group which was very good but switched the tempo this year.

It was a full house with most everyone up dancing in the aisles.

The margaritas were excellent and for quality control purposes I had two large ones.  I was contemplating a third but then realized that I still had to walk the beach home in the dark.  We also had very very good coconut shrimp for dinner while there.  Of course I was also dancing, that is me fourth from the left in the coral.  It was a great party and I know that we will be back.

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16 Responses to “We ended November with some rock & roll”

  1. chris says:

    Sure miss our walks on the beach there.

  2. Connie & Barry in PA says:

    Enjoy and have fun – love your pics!!!!!!!

  3. Sandy Matts says:

    Looks like a fantastic evening. Did the iguana just eat the bloom – if so there is hope you may see another bloom if only you can convience him to change his address.

  4. Peter says:

    A perfect fun filled day.

  5. Dolores T says:

    Oh that looks like SUCH fun!!!
    We’re is that lady staying, u mentioned another person in an apartment? For something like $500 a month, how do u get something like that? Go thru a travel agent??
    And no one wearing a a coat/jacket either!!

    • contessa says:

      I don’t know where she is staying but I will find out eventually. There are many places for rent here along the beach. You just have to know someone who is here on the Isla :)) Dolores, it is way too hot to be wearing a jacket. It is 82F @ 6PM with 72% humidity.

  6. George Yates says:

    Nothing like a good band and party on the beach !

  7. Evelyn Wood says:

    Well, you’re my inspiration, too. I just haven’t gotten down there yet. But someday.

  8. Paul says:

    It’s always so nice to see your photos and read your stories…

    Thanks for the great entertainment.

    I am making some changes so we can meet up with you there, in the future.



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