Nov 27, 2017

Last Friday was magical

The day started with Ismael having time to work in my garden.  This is just half of all the palm trees roots that he removed.  They are very invasive and choke the life out of other plants.

He did a great job of clearing this flower bed and replanting it.  Note that the wheelbarrow has even more roots now.  I pretty much replaced all the plants in this part of my garden.  The wind and salt air are hard on the flowers.

Once the plants were done we got back to painting. This time it was the patio.  Sadly the long stick handle broke  as I was putting my everything  into it.  So I simply bent over and used the short end to keep painting.  You can see the difference in the color of yellows.  Loews no longer had that critical yellow color number that we used for the patio color last year.  So now we have a much brighter sunny yellow color.

When I got tired Colin took over.

The best part of Friday was heading to the opera Carmen at the Angela Peralta Theater.  Colin is hanging out with a few gypsies while I was in the bano.

I have seen this opera several tines including once at the Met in New York.  My mother had sung in the chorus of this opera and once I was in the childrens chorus as depicted in the middle left of the photo above.

Act 2, the tavern scene.  Every act was very well done.

Here Don Jose is telling Carmen that he can’t live without her but she denies her love for him as she loves another.  Shortly thereafter he kills her.

It was a great performance.  However it was long, it took 3.5 hours to get to the curtain calls.

We were very tired by the tine we got back home to the RV,  but oh so very inspired by the wonderful evening we had just enjoyed.  One of our best nights out since the opera in Venice.



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6 Responses to “Last Friday was magical”

  1. George Yates says:

    What a magical day you had, and many more to come as well.

  2. I think you have some Mexican blood in you regarding the broken stick. That´s not very gringo(a)! Colin, you look marvelous!

  3. Paul says:

    Fantastic blog. What a great adventure.



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