Nov 26, 2017

Enjoying our lives in real time

This was supposed to be my Friday post but for some reason I never got it written.  I have given myself permission to take some time off here and there.  So please don’t worry if I don’t post everyday.  Sometimes I just need a break from the time required to create a post.  Life is short and meant to be lived to the fullest each and every day.  Sometimes that involves not writing a post but not to worry I promise to catch you up on the que pasa of it all.  My to do lists are long and eventually I will get them all done.

Thursday morning Colin was off on a mission. He had spied a piece of driftwood  on one of our morning walks and he wanted it.

A large piece of driftwood I should add. He had to hire a local to pick it up.  As far as he is concerned it was worth the $13.00 CAD he paid for the transport.

Very heavy and large.  One of the branches had to be cut off.

You may notice that our wall is higher than normal.  The owner of the RV park has decided to raise the wall height as a precaution, as often the summer and fall storms sweep in and create damage.  Great plan as we won’t lose our pea gravel every year.  The only problem is that our stairs down to the beach are much too short plus we would need to have two steps on this side to get up to the wall.  The new wall would have been a major concern had the girls still been with us as normally they would lay and look through our fencing at the beach activity.  The wall would have been a problem as they would have wanted to jump up and walk along it.  I could just see them jumping down once they spotted some critter down on the beach  😥   So for the two of us it is not an issue at all.  For some RVers it will be an issue.  There are ‘public’ stairs for the back row folks and we will simply walk over and use those.  As is sometimes the Mexican way only the first three sites have been affected with the new wall, the other sites still have the lower wall.  I imagine that next year the wall will be raised the entire length of the park,

Colin thought that the log would break up the drabness of the wall.  I added the plant pots.

The look is slowly growing on me.

Once Colin’s new piece of art was in place we got to work painting our posts.  It has been 7 years since we properly painted them.  Over the years we have managed with simple touch ups.

Can you see how shiny the new paint is?  I believe that we were given an oil based paint in error.  It was very thick to paint with and today, three days later it is still tacky.  I hope that means that it will last longer.

You can easily see the color difference between the old and the new.  Impossible to match a paint color here. Also the new paint has a sheen to it.  Oh well, there was no way we were going to drive back into Mazatlan to get the correct paint, nor did I want to repaint 7 posts again.

The cement posts were painted so it was time to prep the patio for it’s paint job.  Sweep and a light power wash.

By sunset we were ready to just sit back and relax.








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20 Responses to “Enjoying our lives in real time”

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    I love the driftwood!

  2. Sandie says:

    Posting every day is not necessary but it’s really good to hear from you when you do post. Your home is beginning to look beautiful and relaxing.

  3. Sandy Matts says:

    I like the sheen of the new paint – if you needed solvent to clean up brushes it probably is oil based but there are enamels that are water based and have a sheen. Hope it grows on you and you learn to like it.

  4. George Yates says:

    Nice that you are settling in and enjoying the Isla.

  5. Kathy Tycho says:

    I totally agree about the every day posts as they are a huge amount of work. In the end the blog shouldn’t be a burden! Enjoy yourself.

  6. Peter says:

    Have fun first of all. Posting every day is hard. The repainted posts look great. And the driftwood with the palnt pots do the trick, adding some hight to the wall can’t hurt…

  7. Dee Tillotson says:

    When I see a large piece of driftwood like that, my mind goes crazy envisioning the possibilities of what Colin could do with it. It is a shame that he had to remove a piece from the main body of it. Maybe some of it could be an artistic coffee table base or high standing lamp. Of course, there probably would be a lot of sanding to bring out the petrified white and tan colors. Does anyone else have more novel ideas?

    • contessa says:

      He had to remove a piece in order for us to have some waling around room in our front yard. Way too much work to even think about bringing our the colors/textures of the wood.

  8. Glad the owner is trying to make improvements to keep the park in shape, such a great location there. Another busy but full day. I long ago quit trying to blog every day, so much nicer to blog when I want to even though sometimes it is only once a week

    • contessa says:

      The thing is, is that I have lots to say with stories and photos for each day but i just don’t have the time to post.

  9. Evelyn Wood says:

    I liked the driftwood best when it was standing straight up, like the tree that it once was. Love following along with you.

  10. Looks like things have really come together.

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