Nov 23, 2017

Yesterday was another crazy day

We started the day with a long beach walk.  We haven’t been walking every day as we are still in the midst of setting up.  Of course if the girls were here we would be walking every day at least once per day.  A rather large jelly fish.

We are so very lucky to have this beach to ourselves almost everyday.

This fisherman was way out and we could see all the pelicans around his boat.  Looks like he is have a good start to his day.

After our walk we headed into Mazatlan.

The GPS in the Jeep is new to us.  We did well with it in Las Vegas and it really helped us get around there.   However the GPS does not seem to recognize Mazatlan.  It does show us where we are but will not give us the directions from point A to B.   For some reason it will not accept Mazatlan as the city where we are at the moment.

Our first stop happened to be along the malecon which is pretty torn up in the name of progress!!  A great deal of Mazatlan has been under construction this last summer and fall.

So were are trying to find parking along this very busy area.  Do you see that rather large red Weber grill  to the right of the photo?  That is where we were heading.  Only we had to execute a u turn with the minimum  space possible and finally find a place to park.  We needed a new connector hose and they actually had one. 589 pesos!!

Next stop was the paint store. We needed to pick up some paint for our cement palapa posts.

Our final stop was the plant place to get a large number of new plants for my garden.

This fellow was riding on top of the load, whatever it was, as we traveled the highway.  It reminded us of sights we would see in India.

A long day indeed and when we got back, unloaded and had some food it was too late to start doing a project.  I was rather tired.  The good news is that we are almost finished our to do list.  We just can’t relax until everything has been done.  So nice to be able to say that we are almost there.

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and readers.


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6 Responses to “Yesterday was another crazy day”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice that you are getting settled in a found the connector you needed.

  2. ann says:

    Isn’t that part of the malecon a mess. lucky you found a place to pull over. hope it is all done before we leave in spring.
    we are keeping busy with friends who have never been in Mazatlan.

  3. Setting up always takes time, by this time next week you will be reading and relaxing your days away 🙂

  4. We have a Weber grill store in Monterrey too! Very busy place. I bought a hose there for our Mr.Heater. Works great. I wonder if it is like a franchise? The guy who owns the one here is the son of the guy who used to have the rv park in Oaxaca.

    Enjoy your beach!

  5. Maxx Trails says:

    Love the pictures, a whole other world from what we are used to!

  6. Steve says:

    It’s great seeing your photos of Mexico again. It feel warm looking at them. I wondered the other day while walking the hounds if I would walk as much as I do if Sadie wasn’t around to drag me outside multiple times per day. It’s great you have that much beach to yourself, hard to believe. There is nothing like the sound of waves and feeling the salt in the air. Have fun.

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