Nov 21, 2017

Hola and adios

I was going to publish this this morning but for some still unknown reason, we had no internet but such is Mexico.  So I had added today to the post.

Longtime blog readers and now good friends Chris and Roger had stopped here at Tres Amigos on the Isla en route to a new Mexican destination for them about 1o days ago.  They were planning to leave on the 15th and we were to arrive the 17th.   Fortunately a game of golf and the long weekend  persuaded them to stay and spend some time with us.  Our first few days were rather busy with a basic set up but we manged to have a good visit or two on the Sunday.  Monday morning we went for a long beach walk with them and their dog Scooter who just turned 14. ( Carmeh’s age ).  It felt so good to be walking the beach with a dog.  We were so involved that we didn’t take any photos.

Chris and Roger first came to the Isla on January 31, 2013.  They live in California and also owned a home in the Baja .  Reading my blog about the Isla drew them here in 2013.  Looking  back for that link to their visit I was surprised to see how many other people we greeted that week   😯   This was the furthest that they had come on the mainland.  They are now heading further south for the first time to see what new adventure may present itself.  However they do love the Isla and are on the wait list for a front row site.


Monday we headed up the beach for dinner and caught a wonderful sunset.

A perfect meal with very special friends.

It was the end to a perfect day in paradise.

Then they were off to the Lo de Marcos area first thing this morning.

Our plans this morning included taking the Playa Sur panga over the Mazatlan and then doing a 30 minute walk over to the Freeman Hotel to get tickets for the Carnival fireworks.  They were already sold out 🙁  So we trudged back to the panga, my fit bit got a good work out this morning.

Saw this interesting palm tree during our walk.  Nature is amazing.  It comes out of the ground sideways and eventually manages to reach for the sky.

It was so hot in town with no breeze.  I almost melted.

The panga ride is always refreshing. Several tuna boats are in dock at the moment.

Once back home Colin started putting up our gazebo while I mostly worked at getting our garden back in shape.  I only managed about 1/4 of it as it was extremely humid and I tired quickly.  Tomorrow is another day.

Our gift from Mother Nature this evening.


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4 Responses to “Hola and adios”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice to visit with friends again, getting your site all set up again.

  2. Sandy Matts says:

    Oh my, so good to see your sunset photos again – have really missed them. The beach on the Isla is perfect for walking each day. Refreshing, cooler, almost perfect weather has come to Guayabitos – we hope it has come to you, too, and we hope it stays all Winter.

  3. Nice to see that you are settling in nicely there. Always love the sunsets there. 🙂


  4. Upriverdavid says:

    Glad you folks made it……It was 67* in Bellingham today….Way wet all over..Not like the sun you have…

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