Nov 09, 2017

The day turned out better than we expected

Which is amazing considering that our alarm never went off and instead of driving at 6AM we were just waking up 🙁   Also the fact that it took us 55 minutes to drive 24 miles on I15 as we were in the middle of rush hour.

Too tired to do a post tonight but I am sure that many of you want to know the que pasa of it all.  For certain details will follow.

We first dropped the Jeep off at 9AM and it was able to be driven.  End of the day today, there is no damage showing on the computer diagnostics and we don’t know why the grinding problem even happened.

The RV is a different story.  Suffice to say that we are boondocking in the Freightliner parking lot.  Hope to get parts tomorrow but no guarantee that that will rectify the problem.

Fortunately the RV Park allowed us to cancel at 2:30PM ( which is when we found out the que pasa of it all for us ) without losing our deposit.  They transferred it to tomorrow.  Sadly there is someone in an even worse situation than us.  Tonight is their fourth night here.  Their problem does not seem to be an easy fix.  I hate to see their bill at $150.00 per hour.  Fortunately  I found a coupon for 10% off labor for us.

So we have the Jeep back but not the RV yet.  I will admit to a sinking feeling earlier when we had no wheels at all.

A new glitch has come up in that our Mail program will not let us send an email.  It says that we are offline and no matter what I try per my Google research I cannot get online.  We can receive emails but not send them.  Also I think that it might be Bitdefender for Mac that the Geeks installed on both computers that might be eating up my hotspot ATT data.  I have no idea how to delete it.  So on and so forth, problem after problem.

Meanwhile be happy to know that the wine is flowing and I blew my diet with a full pasta dinner 😎

Details when I have better internet and am not exhausted.


…just got this… appears that our gmail accounts do not exist…… i can’t deal with this…  However we can receive emails , just not send emails.

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12 Responses to “The day turned out better than we expected”

  1. Dee Tillotson says:

    Hope the weather is significantly better in Vegas. Since you have the car, you two deserve a nice hotel room with free wi-fi for at least one night.

  2. Steve says:

    I am posting her in case you cannot receive my emailed replies within the last couple of hours. The only time your Anti Virus would be burning data is when it is getting updated information to run their latest protection. I’ve never ran anti virus on any of my Macs but I do run Bitdefender Virus Scanner 2x a month to check my hard drive.

    If your Apple Mail is offline and is not recognizing your Gmail. Go into your Apple Mail preferences and delete the Gmail accounts and then re-add them like it was your first time.

    Good to hear about the Jeep … still strange about the grinding noise. Hope things workout for the RV.

  3. robert says:

    on your email program check the setting for the outgoing port if it read port 25 change it to port 1025 and should take care of your problem

  4. ann says:

    well we are in Mazatlan and I wish we hadn’t come. it is hotter than Heck here with humidity up to 90%. I’m in RV pouring sweat. The Golden Zone is tore up. The Malecon is torn up and has orange fencing along 3/4 of it one lane driving. And we couldn’t get near the central market last night – couldn’t find a road open to get there. – maybe it will look better during the day. Did have Bill’s ribs though. Too bad we arent home you could have stayed with us.

  5. rae says:

    I thought that non-Geek Squad removed that stupid app from your computer?! It alone could explain every issue you’re having. 🙁 It is most definitely eating up your data.

  6. Very good news about the Jeep diagnostics 🙂 Now to get all the other issues sorted

  7. Suzanne says:

    Hola, Mi Amiga — So good to see you back on the road to your Happy Place!

    The Tracker has always made a grinding noise when going from R to P after I have disengaged the transfer case for towing. I don’t know why, but it just always has for the past five years. When towing, I have to start the engine every 200 miles to lube the transfer case, and when I move it from D back into Park, it makes this noise. I always shift gingerly and quickly turn off the key to stop the grinding noise. I was hoping you would find the culprit, but maybe that’s just a side effect of towing?

  8. Croft Randle says:

    Look at line 5 of the report. Final-Recipient is listed as

    This looks like an error in spelling “coiln” instead of “colin”. Is this the problem? Don’t know how to fix it, just spotted it.

  9. Croft Randle says:

    Go buy a $99 Lenovo Ideapad at the Best Buy Black Friday sale and use it for email with a direct Gmail account, skipping all that Apple Mail confusion. Really Contessa, you don’t need all this frustration!

  10. caroline in Seattle/Las Vegas says:

    fyi …. the Marathon is this weekend so the Strip will be blocked, creating traffic messes on either side.
    If you need to go to or around the Strip, might be easier to park at Sams Town and take their free shuttle to Harrahs (or The Fremont, downtown).

    The other big event this weekend is Aviation Nation. Nellis Airforce base is open to the public with many static and aerial displays. So another area with heavy traffic.

  11. Kathryn Tycho says:

    Glad hear the Jeep is okay. That would have been a disaster! Just a thought about your data problems. I assume you do your blog posts on an offline draft program such as Open Live Writer and then post when you are online….right? I am hot spotting to our AT&T phone and even with lots of pictures my post takes very little data to post. Darn computers! We are in hot and steamy Mazatlan and really happy to be here!

  12. Dolores T says:

    Thank heavens for WINE n pasta!!!

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